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    Why do you love your hunter?

    We had a thread like this in the Shaman fourms with good results. I'm curious how everyone feels in regards to hunters. =)


    Why do you love your hunter?

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    having crappy ping
    200-300 usually, sometimes 500 during peak hour when my isp decides to throttle

    hunter makes ping less of an issue when i pvp

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    cause i spend the most time in wow on my hunter

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    I love my hunter Cause Pew Pew and Pets!!!

    lol but seriously i do love my hunter - Great at soloing, Fun in Pvp, A Blast in pve ( hunters always get the extra jobs ) so not only do i do great dmg, but i also get to make or break the encounter with the extra stuff i have to do.

    I play BM Full time so i love all my exotic pet's

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    Hunter was first class I played before I knew what 'DPS' and 'Tank' and 'Overpowered' and all them MMO terms meant. I remember needing on cloth gear in dungeons because they had more armor than my grey quality leather gear lol. It's things like that that make me have a place in my heart for my Hunter.

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    When I started playing wow I wanted a character as similar as possible to the one I had been playing in Baldur's Gate and BG 2, which was a half-elf ranger. Night elf hunter was the closest I could get. I played it and raided with it for more than a year before I even made my first alt. After ToT I rerolled to my ele/resto shaman cuz we had no ele and we needed healers (25m) in my guild. I still miss my hunter and will probably go back to it for WoD since I like their alpha changes, and I hate the shaman ones.

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    Cause a gun and a Dwarf makes a good combo =)

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    Easy to play, I perform well on it. Many opportunities to outplay opponents in PvP

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    I hate casters and I hate Melee DPS. So it's a "class" all in it's own in that respect.. It's not either or.

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    I dislike magical spells, got tired of being in melee (Even though I still automatically go in melee locations ha). One role, DPS. If I'm soloing I have a pet to keep agro. Or if the tank just doesn't pull at all in dungeons and AFKs right off the bat I can have my pet tank.

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    I love my hunter because I can play ranged without dealing with cast times and slow GCDs. If I'm playing a melee, I'm just stuck on the boss's ass all fight, and it's a pain to move with the boss when the tank is shuffling shit around all over the place. If I'm a caster, I feel like I'm doing a lot of "waiting" standing around during cast times.

    Hunter avoids both of those- all the positional perks of being a ranged, and all the free mobility and play-style perks of being a melee.

    Also, I like my pet.

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    Love is the wrong word I would say. I like my Hunter from an RPG point of view, but I can really play any class without any issue if I put my mind to it. I am a quick learner, would take me around a week to be good in another class and maybe a month to be as good as with my Hunter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    If I'm a caster, I feel like I'm doing a lot of "waiting" standing around during cast times.

    Hunter avoids both of those- all the positional perks of being a ranged, and all the free mobility and play-style perks of being a melee.

    Also, I like my pet.
    Nailed it.

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    I liked hunter, 'til they pretty much changed it to arcane mage with the new patch notes for WoD.

    I do like my engineer for Wildstar, however.

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    Because he is the first ever character I created in vanilla. I experienced everything with him. When I got the ability to tame pets I spent hours on the internet trying to find a pet that fits me. I was a noob experiencing the game for the first time and It was with my hunter. Every expansion I decide to change my main but every expansion I go back to him. I remember leveling enchanting because it could make weapons glow and herbalism because enchanting was really expensive to level :P Mostly nostalgia but the way the hunter plays is also fullfilling for me. (Also what is with the amount of hunters nowadays, my server seems to be filled with them and most of them are pretty terrible :P )

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    I love my hunter cause its basically the only class I've ever actually really enjoyed playing. Coming to WoW I had been playing runescape and was big on archery in that game so I knew I wanted to be something like that. Plus I love the whole pet aspect and just being able to be so annoying is so much fun!

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    It was the first toon I ever created. Since then I have played all classes and now I am trying to get my hunter geared and loving it all over again.

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    I just like shooting people and stuff, and making my pet eat them too

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    Pets, bang bag bangbang! and i can rol play my character like a explorer, hunter, mercenary, etc etc and the most important, my hunter is goblin, much bang bang boom boom

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    my first character. i also like having pets. Also i am a lover of core hounds. i have all the ones that are tameable.

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