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    ^ I'd rather they just make flame shock a dot spell with no CD ^.

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    So we'd have to multidot (unless it does pitiful damage) ? No thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recom View Post
    So we'd have to multidot (unless it does pitiful damage) ? No thanks.
    that would actually make spread AE damage for elemental a lot more powerful and give use lots of lava bursts

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    This will never happen because of :
    1) PVP
    2) too many instants which contradicts their new caster = turret design

    Shamans have never relied too much on dot and probably never will since blizz want to keep class/specs different and there are already a handful of dotters. This means we'll always be bad in multidot situation but that is ok if we shine on cleave fights (which is, sadly, not always the case right now).

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    I have a question for healing perk, CH gain 50% in the first target and apply 10% less after or it's 50% to the first target and 60% less to the second target? (sorry for my bad english)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Embermoon View Post
    I don't really understand why some folks complain that the enhancement perks look "boring." I'm not sure what you would want to see added, that wouldn't increase ability bloat, which is specifically one thing that Blizz stated they wanted to address.
    There are some changes in the group that aren't just static damage/healing increases but don't qualify as ability bloat either.

    Improved Chain Lightning - Your Chain Lightning increases the damage of your next Earthquake by 20% per target hit by the Chain Lightning.
    Improved Lightning Shield - Lightning Shield gains 2 additional maximum charges, and Lava Burst can now trigger Rolling Thunder's effects.

    Improved Lava Lash - Increases the number of targets Flame Shock spreads to by 2. (Though, this is still pretty passive)
    Improved Flame Shock - Your Flame Shock ticks have a 15% chance to reset the cooldown of Lava Lash.
    Improved Maelstrom Weapon - Maelstrom Weapon now also causes your spells to deal 20% additional damage per stack of Maelstrom Weapon.

    These (with the exception of Improved Lava Lash) have a more noticeable affect of how abilities synergize. Particularly, I think people expected perks to increase abilities via some kind of interesting mechanic as the ones above rather than something like +20%.

    That said, I think WoW classes are as complicated as they'll get. If blizzard makes the perks only buffs through mechanics, we'll soon suffer passive mechanics bloat as they continue.

    A lot of these talents could be in a patch note or baked into the power gain of levelling, sure. I for one though, never really hated the old talent tree where you spent points in similar static increases. They gave some sense of linear progression. These perks also don't suffer from the old system where the player was given a choice that wasn't really a choice. Instead you just get the bonuses.

    I like the changes, though some defensive ones other than the ankh would've been nice.

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