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    Best time to lvl up alts.

    Hey guys.Recently I was thinking to lvl up my other chars and was thinking:What's better lvl up them now or wait a bit more until pathc pre wod?They always reduce the xp betwwen 1-85 so should I wait or not?
    P.S Most of my chars are 85 lvl so I will lvl them now,the others are 70-75.
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    They have already reduced the 85-90 experience needed, so I'd say now - since I don't think it'll be reduced any further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demoneq View Post
    They have already reduced the 85-90 experience needed, so I'd say now - since I don't think it'll be reduced any further.
    Really?Didn't know that,thx.
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    Now is a fine time to level up. It's also a fine time for casual PvP at level cap.
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    Aye, do it now while you have time. I am doing so myself, only annoying part is LFD when most are DPS rolling. Nothing more annoying than to queue up and see that you are only a tank or healer away from a group. (I always try to stick with classes that can minimum tank or heal). As well, things are getting cheaper as people wish to get rid of a lot before Warlords of Draenor.
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    We just had double XP weekend, that would have been the best time. With guild XP and 25% xp boost items, it was go go go go!

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    There is no way yet to know if leveling after the item squish will be easier/faster or not. Using the much more powerful items from the next expansion was a great way to speed up leveling (esp. soloing instances). This advantage might be baked into the new linear system, or it isn't and soloing instances might not be possible anymore.

    Considering leveling 85-90, http://wod.wowhead.com/item=110672 will very likely help. Although it is not clear if it will be available with 6.0 or when WoD is released/you've reached max level.

    I think the best time to level an alt is when you have time to level an alt.

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    Wait, we had a double exp weekend recently? Thought that was just D3.

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    best time would be now. usually the last tier of an expansion is usually the best time. since most of the time mains are usually geared to a good point by now
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    Quote Originally Posted by JemiS View Post
    Wait, we had a double exp weekend recently? Thought that was just D3.
    I think he's confused. WoW has never had a double exp weekend.

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    I'd do it now just so when the inevitable comes and they screw up scaling or monster scaling, you won't be screwed

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    Best time would be now yes. I have done so at end of each xpac in wow.

    Just a tip though: Dont burn yourself 100% out on the game. It sucks alot feeling burned out when a new xpac is close/released. When a new xpac comes you should feel pumped and ready. I have experienced it myself. Nothing to do on main char at end of xpac, level alts all up to new xpac launch, feel burned out.

    Then again, if you have fun with it all the time, go ahead!

    Just wanted to give you a heads up ^^
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