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    Reforge mount....any new info?

    Its been well over 4 months now. I've heard Bliz posting the "what would you like to replace the reforge grummle?" thread. But, my searches haven't turned up anything recent. Has anyone heard anything about this?

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    There hasn't been anything new, guessing it's in a state of flux.

    I'd hazard a guess it'll be transmog. Other options would be banker, void storage or auctioneer. I think they already have banker earmarked as the perk for goblins and people with the Argent Squire/Gruntling. Void storage would be a bit odd. They also seem hesitant about handing out auctioneers, eg how there wasn't one in Shrine (except for engineers). So that's my guess.
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    Reforge mounts get to keep the reforge NPC. It will be the only method of reforging left in the game. Grats to anyone who bought it, you can now sell it as a service.

    Wait for the alpha/beta to start, Blizzard hasn't said anything and probably won't until we can see the mount for ourselves in the beta client.

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    It should be a mailbox.

    Think of Game of Thrones with a raven-post, this could be a grummle who has a bunch of cages with him and sends off a raven.

    The gimmick would be that he only has two or three ravens so you can only open/send 2 or 3 messages at a time. So the ravens would work like charges with a CD

    For instance:
    - Open a letter from the auction, get gold or items. (1)
    - Send items to an alt/bank toon. (2)
    - Receive something from an alt like mats (3).

    Then you'd have to wait like... fifteen minutes before the first raven came back. If you hadn't sent a raven since then, you get 3 charges. If you send a raven and 14 minutes in, you send another, then after another minute, the first raven returns and you have two ravens again. Ravens would have a 15 minute recharge, which considering the CD on the Argent Squire, is actually pretty generous.

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    I wouldn't mind a transmog NPC.

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    No official statements that I am aware of, and as I have yet to purchase that mount I am interested to see what they do first.
    Any persistent access to bank etc I don't think is going to happen as that would simply clash with engineering, which given the lack of combat perks now needs to keep hold of its flavour through those I think.
    Transmog might have some appeal, but I really believe it is not worth the current asking price for that.

    Perhaps cooldown based access, where you can select one of the remote access means for a limited duration, much like the argent pet but perhaps on a shorter cooldown.
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