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    You know why they're doing it for Warriors? Because it's easy. They're only changing a single ability aside from the stance itself, and that one is something they've done before already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teye View Post
    Yeah, you're clueless.

    You cannot change into or out of this stance during combat.

    That's the difference.

    /thread, get lost.
    Dude, you're really mean.

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    Gladiator stance is basically a 4th spec for Warriors. It's a pure Dps spec, based around 1h+Shield (where Arms is 2h and Fury is DW).

    Has nothing to do with Prot Tanking, and it has about as much in common with the old Bear/Cat spec, as a Mage...

    From reading what the OP is posting, his biggest complaint is that they have to change a stance instead of changing a spec. Wow, such jealousy towards the Warriors who can change their spec 2 seconds faster than the rest of us, rofl. And no, they can't Dps in the same gear and glyphs. You WILL want to use Dps trinkets for Gladiator, not Prot. Glad Dps will also very likely not be stacking the same stats as Prot Tanks. Glyphs will be changed to suite a different role aswell.

    With how similar it is to what feral lost, it has a lot of old school ferals watching it closely and many feel like they are getting what was taken from us in a new flavor.
    You guys REALLY need to actually read what the fuck Gladiator stance actually does. It's not the same as Bear/Cat Druids, it's not similair or in any way compareable. As already said (read above); Gladiator stance has about as much in common with your old Druid spec as a Mage.

    Blood was played as DPS before. Protection has never been played as DPS.
    Blood Dps is still in the game. It's called 2h Frost. If it's the "feeling" you want, and not the gameplay, I'm sure there are addons out there that can change the names of your spells to what they were in WotLK!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raugnaut View Post
    I was a bearkitty from WotLK->Cata, bearkitty with resto spec. Loved it, was sad to see it go.

    Gladiator stance though is NOT the same as Bearkitty. You either are 100% tank, or you are 100% dps with it. The main problem with bearkitty was that you were like 90% tank AND 90% dps at the same time, allowing you to do 90% of a dps's dps when offtanking (back when tanks did like 40% of a dps's dps when offtanking), and 90% of a tank's tanking when main tanking (which was more then enough for practically all fights).

    In DS especially, a bear-kat was very good for heroic spine (where you would tank the amalgamation and then kat-burst the tendon, extra burst could help with getting a tendon down in one go), heroic madness (you only had to tank big tentacles, hemo, and horrors), and a good number of previous fights in the tier. So you basically had an extra dps AND tank, or 2 tanks/7 dps/2 heals essentially.

    Glad Stance is either dps OR tank. It IS kinda cheating though, as warriors essentially get 3 specs with dual spec (Prot tank, Prot dps, and Arms or Fury)

    Btw, you can still switch to cat form in combat, even if you're Guardian :3
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    Quote Originally Posted by critsom View Post
    Umm... why do this in the first place? Blood's blood. Go F/U if you want to deeps. Sure, Glad Stance will bring more shine to that class itself, but why can't it have something that other classes do not? In PvE it prolly will not matter at all, and no serious raider would go "tank deeps" for a fight, just because it is easier than to switch specs and gear. That just will not happen.

    However, in PvP (rated) battlegrounds there will be an interesting impact, IMHO.
    At 14/14H I find myself to be a fairly serious raider and i fully intend to main spec glad as long as it is made competitive as they have said it would be. To me it just makes good sense. I would use bonus armor off pieces giving a 3rd person to use those items full time and tank shields so that 2 people in my raid would have a use for that (from what i have read weps n offhands dont change stats with spec) It gives more purpose to a niche gear set I don't see why every guild wouldn't want a dps to be Glad once again assuming they meet the goal of having it do the same dps as the other specs

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