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    Quote Originally Posted by Huoyue View Post
    I'm rather against the stance dance thing myself. I'd prefer somethin akin to changing the gameplay of warrior when using it. Like how Gladiator stance completely changes one skill to be a damage skill.
    I like stance dancing but I agree with your part regarding Gladiator Stance. I am always in favor of talents like this because the choice goes from changing one button (DR to Bladestorm yay) to completely changing how you play, large or small.

    Gladiator Stance is a large change, completely spins not only what you do while playing, but also your intent (dps vs tanking).
    We (dps) have this somewhat in Ignite Weapon. It changes the intent of Fury pretty significantly, though the actual "what we do" part of the gameplay change is relatively minor. Still, though I am not particularly fond of what it does (I like the CS playstyle), I am in favor of the idea. It should be fun to play with atleast.

    Hmm think I just thought of my next ST post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archimtiros View Post
    That doesn't encourage dancing though, if it had the same rage gen as Battle, you'd just sit in that stance all the time instead of battle, if it didn't you'd only swap during CS or BS and swap back after. For PvP nothing would change either as you would most likely just sit in D stance as you do now.

    The idea would be to make a Berserker Stance that you would choose to dance in or out of, but not just sit in. Re naming Battle to Berserker might be sentimental and all but doesn't actually DO anything. Same goes for making a "Fury only" stance that you'd sit in while Arms sits in Battle. You are still left with only two real choices of stances.
    Yes, i acknowledge that renaming Battle Stance to Berzerker Stance would not encourage stance dancing, but considering that Blizz seems to be against this playstyle, it may be the only way to see it in-game when WoD will be released.

    Another concept could be to add utility into Berzerker Stance, designing it, for example, to increase Movement Speed by X% / Add X% chance to stun for X seconds with X ability (may be too OP) / Convert X% of single-target damage dealt to a "front cone" area damage and build X stacks of <insert buff here> from auto-attacks; to be consumed by Raging Blow;/Mortal Strike; (depends whether they design zerger stance to be available in both specs) in order to heal the warrior for X% of his/her health and generate X rage (limited duration; for PVP balance). Maybe in this situational design could be useful without directly impact DPS, in both PVE and PVP environments. Not mentioning that it gives the feeling of a Berserker, RP wise.
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    I'll just throw in some random ideas.

    Berserker stance: You now have a fixed 1.5sec GCD and all your haste is turned into crit(or something else)
    Battle stance: Remains the same you gain haste from items attack faster, lower CGD etc.

    Battle stance: You lose Collosus Smash but all your attacks leave a nasty cut and your enemy bleeds out for X% of dmg done.
    Zerker stance: Like battle stance on live myb +dmg(or lower GCD) inside CS window.

    Your Battle stance turns into Zerker stance when ur enraged. (nothing actually changes olny the icon and name of the stance)
    Just to keep it in game for nostalgia sake.

    idk myb will think of something else later... today is booring @ work.

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    If they are to re-add Berserker Stance, it needs to be pretty dramatically different from Battle Stance. Obviously, in any fight/fight phase, one of the two stances will be mathematically better, but if the difference is minor, what's the point?

    A) One option would be a time-tested suggestion, Battle = Single Target and Berserker = AoE. Some changes could include
    -- buffs to existing attacks
    -- in Battle Stance, you gain half your Mastery as Amplify, while in Berserker, you gain half your Mastery as Cleave
    -- in Berkserker stance, Heroic Strike becomes Cleave again!

    B) Or, Berserker removes ALL defense for offense.
    -- Die By The Sword becomes Rule of the Blade, +10% damage adding +1% more per hit for 8 seconds.
    -- Rallying Cry becomes Blitzkrieg, +10% to all party/raid member damage.
    -- Mocking Banner becomes Skull Banner

    Or something. It just has to be different, that's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkismoID View Post
    How about replacing/renaming battle stance to berzerker stance for Fury only? If they replaced it, they could add a GCD reduction component just to feel more "aggressive" or something similar and then balance other abilities to compensate.

    Considering that "zerker stance" have been a signature stance of fury warriors, wouldn't be pity to completely remove it just like this?
    I think just having a painted-over "Zerker Stance" isn't a terrible idea, but isn't exactly good for the game having two spells that are effectively the same thing. if there was even a small distinction (i.e. chance on hit for bonus rage for zerker, chance on mastery proc for something in battle) it'd be okay.

    They combined pummel and shield bash for the same reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsm View Post
    Battle stance: You lose Collosus Smash but all your attacks leave a nasty cut and your enemy bleeds out for X% of dmg done.
    Zerker stance: Like battle stance on live myb +dmg(or lower GCD) inside CS window.
    I like this! Replace ravager with ignite weapon talent and then put your idea with the gladiator stance talent so it's like one "Advanced Training" talent or something. Berserker stance stays and I won't have to play with colossus smash...
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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