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    10 man dark animus

    I know this an old fight but I was trying to help some people go back and do 10 man dark animus. I forget what you are supposed to do with all the little dudes. I thought you took them to the medium deactive ones but that was not working. I have not done this fight in a about 2 or 3 months and we did it in 2.5 minutes. Can someone please refresh my memory.

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    Assign one person to each small golem that will activate and have them tank those, kill all of the small golems near a single massive golem (use taunts/have the person tanking them move over as needed). Once the massive golem is at 36 anima activate DA by killing a golem near him. Ignore remaining active golems and burn DA.

    *edit* just noticed this was in the Warlock section...is there a reason for that I missed?
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    Everyone to a little one.

    Fill up the deactivated medium ones.

    Put all the rest of the little ones in one of the large golems.

    Activate dark animus.

    Kill dark animus.

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    its was late last night when I made this and put it in wrong post. Thank you for pointing it out.

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