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  • It's just another farming/daily fest

    106 32.42%
  • It's too easy

    19 5.81%
  • The pvp tagged players caused unwanted pvp

    30 9.17%
  • No flying

    43 13.15%
  • Rare spawns dies too fast

    43 13.15%
  • I die too often

    7 2.14%
  • MOP previous dailies left a bad taste in my mouth

    21 6.42%
  • Other reasons

    58 17.74%
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    For those who hate Timeless Isle/Fireland/recent end contents, why do you hate it?

    a. It's just another farming/daily fest
    b. It's too easy
    c.The pvp tagged players caused unwanted pvp
    d. No flying
    e. Rare spawns dies too fast
    f. I die too often
    g. MOP previous dailies left a bad taste in my mouth, so I'm jaded.
    h. Other reasons
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    where is the i dont hate it option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephius View Post
    where is the i dont hate it option.
    Read the thread title again.

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    I disliked timeless isle, because it just lacked structure and rewards, if you had been playing the whole x-pac, if you were new to 90 it was gear heaven.

    I really liked 4.2,5.0,5.1,5.2 daily hubs, because they had at least 1 of the following: (1) story (2) structure (3) rewards that were decent, but not great, as well as vanity items like mounts and pets (yes I know shaohao had those...but that grind was horrendous )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter Extraordinaire View Post
    I disliked timeless isle, because it just lacked structure and rewards, if you had been playing the whole x-pac, if you were new to 90 it was gear heaven.

    I really liked 4.2,5.0,5.1,5.2 daily hubs, because they had at least 1 of the following: (1) story (2) structure (3) rewards that were decent, but not great, as well as vanity items like mounts and pets (yes I know shaohao had those...but that grind was horrendous )
    I agree. And gear heaven is also only true for like 2h, after that you got everything.

    Also lol "no flying"
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    hate it because running around grinding slow rep on cows and chasing down to get a tag on a rare someone announced 5 sec ago in /1 is really fun...

    also no structure or story whatsoever

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    Complete lack of structure killed Timeless Isle imo. You just spent the entire time either working on a vanilla WoW rep grind or running around desperately to get to the rare spawn that was called in /1 before the rest of the roaming mob killed it.

    The dynamic events were neat though. If they could combine the dynamic and exploration elements of Timeless Isle with a more structured setup like Isle of Thunder, it would be amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephius View Post
    where is the i dont hate it option.
    In another thread.

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    I like Timeless Isle, but loathed places like the Firelands daily place and the Argent Tournament. Timeless Isle is a bit more varying due to its nature, rares spawn at different times and there are multiple things to do (PvP, rep grind, coins, rare loot, etc) making it a bit more exciting to go to every day. With the other two places it was but a circulation of dailies, and that becomes boring very quickly.

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    I prefer the structure of daily hubs over Timeless Isle. With daily hubs, you just complete the set objectives for the day, and after a certain amount of time, you have enough rep to buy all the rewards. With Timeless Isle, it's basically wait until mobs that drop what you want spawn, hope you are close enough to tag it before it dies, and then hope it drops what you want. Rinse and repeat for every item/reward you want. I prefer the "Go here, do your shit, you are now measurably closer to your reward" strategy of dailies over the more chaotic, RNGness of Timeless Isle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
    Read the thread title again.
    A one-sided discussion is hardly a discussion. If everyone who hates it joins together, it'll become a giant circle-jerk where people will continue to fuel each others hate for the game, rather than attempt to show the positives of it.

    Personally - I've not made the best use of Timeless Isles, it never really captured me, it felt out of the blue and with very weak lore / logic. I do however love the Loot system, a nice catch up for those who've been out of action for a couple of months.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    As someone who recently got back into WoW, I appreciated it as a way to quickly gear up and to be able to do content with my friends.

    I get that it is mostly a grind, but I thought that it was still diverse and fun enough, at least for someone who has not been playing this expansion for a long time. The rares and world bosses are pretty cool, and hunting down the treasures and such were all fun little things to do. That said, this is just from the perspective of someone gearing up, which does not take a lot of time to do. I do not think I will be going back there to grind the dailies and rep, just not my kind of thing, and it has to be said that the content that was left for me to do there after I left was overly grindy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephius View Post
    where is the i dont hate it option.
    Last time OP included a "i dont hate it" option like 80% of people picked that and OP complained that people didn't have same opinion as him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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    From my personal experience these types of zones are very nice at face value. The quest chain from 5.1 (while not an extra island, still a daily grind), IoT, IoQD, IoG and TI and the lore that comes with them are all fun and dandy. The largest problem with them is that they end up not only being a grind, but a very restrictive grind. IoQD and IoT were locked via server progress in their first few months of iteration and while the latter had population scaling to even out the rates at which it would complete, the former did not and was a terrible grind for mid-low pop realms in TBC. IoT on the other hand is a fine ride the first time through, however if you weren't there while the server was progressing the dailies and unlocking the different walls, you missed out on what 80% of what the zone was for, telling a story about a siege.

    IoG is sort of perfect in the way that it is only for the way it is. For example, the most of what you can get from this island was 522 gear from Oondasta when it was current content and a massive bone grind for a mount. Was it grindy? A bit. Was it at all mandatory for anyone? Not at all. People would do it and people would wave dismissively with a "fuck that" at the tip of their tongue.

    TI is similar to IoG in the sense that it's really grindy. The big difference being of course that it's basically the only way to have any sort of gear catch-up this late in the expansion. I think a lot of my problems with TI could be eased over if burdens of eternity either dropped a hell of a lot more often, or alternatively they made much better stat combinations. I'm pretty tired of seeing an alt nab an epic 535 pair of boots only to see that it's solid expertise or hit.

    I'm not really annoyed with the new flavor of questing TI brought to WoW, infact I think exploration and event based questing should largely and thoroughly fade out quest chain based questing. It would be nice if they were to save those epic chains for things that actually matter and let Yak-guy's farm being under siege be an active event instead of a full on quest chain.

    My last problem with TI would be the way it's shaped. The very topography of this place makes me want to roll engineer on every-single character to have goblin glider at the ready so I can actually reach rares in time before they explode into a shower of pixie dust and timeless coins. On the one hand the place would be stupidly easy to navigate with flying which is what Blizzard is against because they want to expand the length of their content (though why they can't simply extend the length of their flimsy content structure, or christ forbid make questing content with flying in mind is honestly beyond me and is a discussion for another thread), navigating the place on hoofback is a goddamn nightmare. Maybe perhaps we could go for something a bit flatter, next time? IoQD was flat, it was good to navigate, but IoT, IoG and TI all have this strange mountainous structure for being simply islands, and I'd really like for the purpose of these islands not to be annoying to navigate. It makes me question just how annoying Draenor will be with the amount of mountains, canyons and otherwise it will have.
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    I liked Argent Tournament, but disliked Firelands, IoG and Timeless Isle. The logical conclusion for me seems to be that I dislike areas where I can't fly. I also dislike that I seem to die whenever I step a foot on Timeless Isle.

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    I love dailies. I hate Timeless Isle. TI is like dailies minus the direction, structure and much of the reward. A daily nets you some VP and gold for killing several monsters in addition to what they drop, while the Timeless Isle just gives you what they drop. Dailies are structured, while TI gives you a whole boring island full of directionless grindfests where the reward you want comes at the end of a long grind, rather than giving you smaller rewards all throughout in the same manner that dailies gave.

    The rare spawn system, where everyone had their own loot? That was great. Keep that. Making rares like the Monstrous Spineclaw? Never again. People complain about archaeology being too rng reliant, why put a desirable item on a rare behind multiple levels of RNG? If you wanted it to be rare, let only one person tag it or something. None of this system where a person can actively try to get the rare to spawn only for someone else to take the reward without any contribution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
    h. Other reasons
    Being on a pvp server with 10 times more opposite faction.
    And not paying 200€+ to migrate all my alts.

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    I hate timeless isle because of censer cowards that grief players and also some really awful design of rares. I mean how the hell are melee even supposed to fight cinderfall? Are they serious? Cinderfall for an LFR-geared player is harder than Garrosh on heroic.

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    Timeless Isle had been out for a few months when I resubbed and initially I didn't like the place/didn't see the point of it. Now I really like it on my Monk and Hunter. Also because I just got the legendary cloak last week so that opened up some things and upgrade options.

    Now, on my fresh 90 Mage? I hate it. Soloing on the Isle as an undergeared Mage is frakkin' torture. Forced into Frost, which I'm not a fan of, and...lord I'm squishy.

    So, right now I have a love/hate relationship with the Isle as I try to gear up. I know it'll be like butter once the mage is geared but I'm not having fun atm.

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    What I dislike about Timeless Isle is simply the atmosphere. I love Isle of Thunder, I liked Molten Front, but the atmosphere of Timeless Isle is a turn off for me. Isle of Thunder was intense, Trolls everywhere, Mogu slavedrivers, the Saurok, mages making invisible bubbles to operate from, it was fun. Molten Front was a nonstop battle against Ragnaros and all of Azeroth showed up.

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