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    [Feral] Cat's in the Cradle: PvP Guide patch 5.4.7

    Hello there fellow cats and wolves my name is Barnabos and I'll be bringing you a PvP guide, updated for patch 5.4.7.
    I've noticed a lack of a PvP guide on the class forum, and while there are guides out there, I though it would be good to bring it here.

    Note that this wont be an in-depth numbercrunching guide, but one that covers the basics.

    What I will be covering:

    -Talents and Glyphs
    -Stats and Reforging
    -Gems and Enchants
    -Links to other guides

    So let's get started shall we?

    Talents http://www.wowhead.com/talent#d|

    Level 15 - Wild Charge will be the optimal choice here. Low cooldown gap closer that also works as a Disengage if you are fast on your fingers.

    Level 30 - Ysera's Gift and Cenarion Ward are both good choices, with CW pulling ahead a bit as it can be cast on your teammates.
    YG will heal your bro's but only if you are at 100% hp

    Level 45 - Typhoon is the way to go here. Besides the obvious knockback it also interrupts casting if they are immune to kick.

    Level 60 - Incarnation is the winner here. A proper burst ability and if it's needed it makes Pounce usable while not Prowling. Use with Berserk for amazing burst.

    Level 75 - Mighty Bash is your best choice here, it's the Maim we always wanted. I've seen high rated Ferals go for Disorienting Roar which would help you get off those slow Cyclones and aoe interrupt but as Maim has a high energy cost MB is the way to go for a proper stun.

    Level 90- Heart of the Wild vs Nature's Vigil. It boils down to, really strong heals for you and your teammates or more damage with minor heals.
    Using HotW with procced Healing Touches and Rejuvs will heal a ton, Cenarion Ward also benefits from this. Nature's Vigil can be used as a mini dps cooldown between Berserk/Incarnation, or used at the same for more damage. The choice is yours!

    Glyph of Barkskin - Reduces the chance you'll be critically hit by 25% while Barkskin is active.
    Glyph of Cat Form - Increases healing done to you by 20% while in Cat Form.
    Glyph of Savagery - Savage Roar can now be used with 0 combo points, resulting in a 12 sec duration.

    Glyph of Aquatic Form - Increases your swim speed by 50% while in Aquatic Form.
    Glyph of Grace - Feline Grace reduces falling damage even while not in Cat Form.

    These are the glyphs you want to go for. They work in every situation.


    Stats and Reforging

    The magic numbers that makes us do bigger numbers on our screen. It's magic, I aint gotta explain shit....oh wait I do...
    The stat priority is as follows:

    Melee Hit (3%) > Expertise (3%+) > Agility > Mastery > Crit > Haste

    Once you have your Hit and Exp caps you can go for the other stats.

    Mastery directly increases our Bleeds, Rip and Rake which are our main source of damage.
    Crit has the chance of dealing double damage, and with Primal Fury gives you an additional Combo Point.
    Haste increases attack speed and Energy Regen but is not desired as you need silly amounts of Haste to make it worthwhile.

    When the time comes to Reforge you gear, on any items without Mastery or Crit, reforge the weakest stat (see priority) into Mastery or Crit as available.
    With this stat priority and reforging in mind we can move to next step which is....


    Gems and Enchants

    So now you want to put rocks in your gear and mutter magic til they glow? Good! Let me help you.

    For gemming you want to go for the following:

    Meta..................Agile Primal Diamond or Tyrannical Primal Diamond. +216 Agi and 3% Crit or +665 PvPower and +775 PvP Resi
    Red....................Delicate Primordial Ruby. +160 Agility
    Blue...................Assassin's Imperial Amethyst. +80 Agility and +80 PvPower
    Yellow................Adept Vermilion Onyx. +80 Agility and +160 Mastery
    Prismatic.............Delicate Primordial Ruby. +160 Agility


    Shoulders...........Greater Tiger Claw Inscription. +200 Agility and +100 Crit
    Cloak.................Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike. +180 Crit
    Chest................Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats. +80 all stats
    Bracers..............Enchant Bracer - Greater Agility. +180 Agi
    Gloves...............Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery. +170 Mastery
    Belt...................Living Steel Belt Buckle. Extra socket
    Legs..................Shadowleather Leg Armor. +285 Agi and +165 Crit
    Boots.................Enchant Boots - Blurred Speed. +140 Agi and 9% Movement speed
    Weapon..............Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel. +1650 Agi on procc

    Once you have all those you gear is ready for battle.
    You step into the battleground and another Cat asks you what to do with...


    Symbiosis. http://www.wowhead.com/spell=110309#comments

    I would explain this spell in detail but I don't have all day and the police is already at the door.
    But as a Cat the 2 classes you want Symbiosis on is:

    Paladin for Divine Shield
    Priest for Dispersion

    Honorable mention is Rogue and Warlock for Redirect and Soul Swap.

    Keep in mind that Symbiosis is getting removed in Warlords of Draenor


    Links to other guides

    So as this guide was a basic coverage there are other guides that go further into detail. All credit to them





    So that's it for me, I hope this breif coverage was helpful and if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer.
    If anyone feels like I missed something important, please let me know or comment yourself, whichever suits you better.

    Take care, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
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    You suggest the same talents regardless of matchup. I stopped reading there.

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    ty for links but all this just copypaste from crap source like noxxic
    for starters it's just basic, everyone should be know, but as coming to real battle this is not enough
    most talents are situational, 2 glyph are just basic nothing to replace, you don't mention alternatives for those
    and stats are stats, nothing really to see, but there also some different path

    you may call me odd, but I don't agree with those guides, people just rephrasing same old thruth, reinforcing it with their fake ratings, which they got boosted or played on with another main class or resto spec...
    and I'm so laughing at that .pdf link guide you link, that person...one phrase doesn't stick to and denied other...multigladiator rank - `game is terrible...I didn't play that expansion, seasons`...lmao

    you fogot to add, if you want to pvp reroll resto for arena or guardian for rbg for current season...

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    Didn't we already have a teflon coated pvp guide around here somewhere?

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    Yep this was mostly copy and paste as I said in the start that I wanted to bring one to these forums
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    I think MMO-C should be renamed "HJTC-C" - Hyperbolic Jumping To Conclusions Champion.

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