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    Berserking, Openers, and You.

    Anyone thought of popping Berserking (troll racial) pre-UE during opener, instead of macroing it in with ASC, to get a higher haste buff for your FS prior to ASC? Results? Curious if this is even worth it. LvB is typically GCD capped during lust anyways so I'm trying to get better use out of berserking.

    Ohkayzz baiii


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    I tried that, but it didn't work.
    Maybe it's because im draenei.

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    Had an Ele friend ask this before. He tested it but didn't see a big difference.

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    I wouldn't use Berzerking solely for more FS ticks in your opener for 2 reasons.

    A lot of Flame Shock's haste value comes from its chance to reset Lava Burst cooldown (Lava Surges). While you're in ascendance, this is pretty much nullified. Second, I usually will cast Flame Shock again after Ascendance, even if I have 8 to 10 seconds remaining on it for the fact that that Flame Shock isn't very powerful, as it was applied before the majoirty of your intellect procs. I'll aim for the second Flame Shock to be cast with my Purified Bindings of Immurseous proc, as well as LMG proc, hopefully tying a ClearCasting +20% on top of it. If I'm really squeaking out numbers, try to tie a Unleash Flame with a harcasted LvB+FS. Shit goes bananas.

    TLR, no I'd leave berzerking on Ascendance.

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    Honestly, I prefer the 4-5 seconds I have to rebuff flame shock to be used on getting my 2pc buff up on the target. I'm typically able to get 3-4 charges before I need to earth shock in order to have the shock cool down back up to refresh FS.

    But thanks, I got my answer.

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