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    Question Legendary Daggers Questline Question

    Hi I didn't play my rogue much during Cata. Well enough that I didn't even start the dagger quest at all. I have a couple questions about it though. First off where do I start it at? I know some of the quest but not all of it. Does the scenario or instanced portion of the quest where you have to fight someone scale you down (or the mobs up) to the same lvl or should this be fairly easy with a decently geared lvl 100?

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    First question in Dragon Soul


    It's insanely easy. Too easy, disappointing at level 100 even. The mobs you kill are easily killed. There's a few stealth misisons where you sneak by patrols and sap, use distract when it was current but at level 100 you can walk right past them and they can't detect you. It's pretty much just grinidng Dragon Soul every week.

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