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    I did it at about 537 as BM. Got 3 angels up and just cleaved them. Once shield was down it was easy tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSrm View Post
    i normally try to pick up 2nd and 3rd one whilest 1st angel is still alive, dodging orbs can be tricky but getting angels to hit the boss, and not me, is worse. However, when i say i can get down to 40% in p2 thats on a really good try. Average try is really more like 70% in p2.
    A skilled hunter can preform their entire rotation on the move, and are well regarded FOR that one aspect.

    Being the only dps class that can effectively be 100% AND ranged.. you shouldn't have a problem dodging orbs or dealing with the angels. I did fine on my hunter back with a normal ToT set. IIRC - I was 526 item level at the time playing survival.

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    I did it as a BM hunter with normal ToT gear in second try (in first I lost control on my pet and failed with angel). Hexos was much harder for me.

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    I think I did it at roughly 530 with the legandary meta and as SV, pretty much fully-LFR geared.

    The way I did it was macro glyphed MD into all shots so that pet remains agrod to all angels and the main guy when he's ready (directing the angels each time, just put pet on passive). Biggest thing that hurts this fight, imo? Downtime; constantly move around in order to have an angel up as, or before, the current one is down. One thing that really got me was that, from try to try, my pet didn't always agro Ahoo'ru even with 100% MD uptime and growl turned on--when it worked, it was just a matter of bursting him down and remembering to interrupt his heal.

    Luck & patience and you'll get there... Nibbleh, however, was a pain in my proverbial arse.

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    I completed rank 10 back in June last year with I think around 525-530 ilvl. Like most people say P2 is the easy bit, getting through P1 as fast as possible without raping yourself on the orbs is key to this. Making sure to stay close to the boss that the adds charge through him as well or you'll have to find more of them.

    Sort out P1 and P2 is easy, shouldn't worry about time running out here. Run spirit beast as well, gives you the margin for error of running through 1-2 orbs and being able to heal it back up with spirit mend if it saves you the time.

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    It should be doable, I did it in 530ish gear during tot.
    We did have readiness back then tho, that certaintly helped out abit.
    On the other hand stampede is alot stronger for pve now than it was back then.
    With 4 pice, meta & cloak it should be easy. Without that you might strugle abit at that ilvl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercylolk View Post
    Also back then I was BM, and was able to stack other pet buffs with core hound lust, which you can't do anymore. Maybe try to get some flex gear to make up for the difference
    Yeah but also Stampede was a joke in 5.3 after they pretty much nerfed it to the ground and it was kind of tricky sometimes since you didn't have the burst others had in P2. Sure some classes had it even worse but I'd say it's easier now with similar ilvl than it was before even if you use drums instead of BL.

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    I did it in normal ToT / few pieces of heroic gear.

    I remember it was the first fight that gave me trouble, and i found that getting 3 of the "ghosts" to spawn asap, MD to pet and have my pet tank all 3 while AoEing them down and putting myself on the other side of the boss between us. Once they charged on the boss, i used all CD's and burned. The circle of lights he does can be deterrenced, so just deterrence and disengage out.

    Best of luck!

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    Did this fight earlier today as 542 SV,a few things:
    Take spirit bond talent,the constant heal can take the pressure off hitting the orbs by accident.
    Take your pets taunt off in first phase,so you don't have the angels on them when they charge.
    In phase two if you feign and turn pet taunt on,your pet can tank him through the phase,taking the circles out of the equation altogether while you sit back and blow all your cd's.The only real problem I had was the tight enrage,I got to 2-3% 5 or 6 times before I got him,after the first angel I got used to grabbing the last two and getting them down quickly.

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