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    whats the state of frost and uh dks in pvp

    i dnt know which specc to pick ive tried both and they feel really slow and clunky and i feel that uh and frost 2h hit for a wet noodle compared to other melee classes, ive gemmed strength and mastery and im not hitting anywhere near as hard as other classes do to me

    am i doing something wrong i only play rated bg's and also death pact or conversion in rated bg's do i choose deathpact

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    UH is the better pvp spec currently. However I play 2h Frost because I don't really care and it hits pretty hard as far as I can tell.

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    death pack is way to go, only powerfull heal to go with,
    as you playing mostly rbg unholy is way to go, coz of dots cleave strengh and composition your leader mostly will choose
    for arena it also a good peeling during your timmy pet buff and gary avaliable
    also a one huge advantage of unholy over frost is able to stack Necrotic strike to prevent opponent healing, in frost it's just rune waste, but frost have a glyph of icy touch, able to rip of opponent of their magic buffs, it's really strong aganst poor resto druids, who are dot healers...
    however frost are still valiable, as single target peeling, maybe you missing some gear, but overall frost spec on stats scaling is going ahead of unholy on higher itemlvl
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    He's from my realm. He's a troll.

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    Based on your posting history, I find it hard to believe you're seeking advice about DK PvP. Closing.

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