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    [Mage] Heroic Immerseus Help

    Hey guys I am having trouble getting anything done on H Immersus. Can't seem to pop alter time to with out getting so many stacks then AOE on adds is just god awful.

    Just wondering how you guys are doing this fight with out killing yourselves from Debuff and so forth and so on.

    I do this either arcane or frost.

    Help would be appreciated.

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    It's easy to lose track of the debuff. But generally you'll want to get to about 3-4 stacks (you might not get the full usage out of AT), then focus on AoEing down the adds. Once your debuff is gone, get back onto the boss.

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    in my experience i found that H immerseus is best done in arcane (dps metering wise). As a frost i barely stay ahead of the tank (maybe due to missplay i don't really know). But as arcane, oh boy, top of the meters with AE. just be sure to be relativly close to the front and tanks for optimal rune placement.

    Cds wise he's quite annoying, when you usually pop everything he has the debuff, and afterwards it just doens't feel that you do that much.

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    Three things - frost bomb+CoC glyph+AE glyph = own the damage meter. This combo coupled with Arcane barrage on the adds when you get 2-3 stacks will make you god OP on the adds aoe and damage done overall
    AP will be up for every immersion phase, so you should be one of the top dpsers on that fight. Oh and dont forget to use 2nd pot on the 2nd time you fight the boss again

    Clarification - the bolded part is the mark when you have to switch to adds. The scenario should be something like this - Get 3 stacks of debuff->switch to add->cast frost bomb on it->discharge 4stacks Barrage->blink into the fry of adds masisng on the tank->CoC in a way that will hit as much as possible->spam AE till adds die->you rdebuff should be gone and adds dead->switch back to boss
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    I run my normal (Frost) rotation until just before the debuff goes on the boss, then pop AT. When AT resets, it clears my stacks, I'll take 2-3 more, then swap to the adds. Run Greater Invis so that you can clear stacks every 90 seconds if you accidentally get too high. When you're AoEing the adds, your stacks will fall off, so there's really no reason to stack it that high.

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    Easy here.

    I play as arcane and after I am done with my initial burst (usually in the middle of AT when stacks hit 3-4, AT resets the stacks) I make sure I have 4 charges of AB and just AOE all the adds. Arcane is very strong here if you build your AB stacks and place your rune correctly. Adds should be literally destroyed by Arcane Explosion. Without being extremely comfortable it might take a little time to get used to it.

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    You can also use GI to dispel the stacks.

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    Also i suggest weak aura import for the debuff stack tracking, I have one that alerts me at 4 stacks so by the time i finish my next cast (15k haste ish so its easy to miss the alert at 5 stacks) im on 5 stacks and it announces in raid chat to dispell me. As already stated GI dispells it. Also use AT during the initial boss engagement after phase change, you usally get around 10 secs (maybe less) of free casting to get trinkets up and use AT before he casts corruptive blast (or whatever its called) which is when the debuff starts to stack.

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    If you have the legendary cloak, make sure you de-target Immerseus before AOEing the adds. You can proc your cloak off the AOE and the jade fire strikes whatever your current target is, and it WILL give you another stack of the debuff.

    Best thing to do is target a live add to focus the cloak where you want the jade fire to go.

    For arcane:

    Clear debuffs with Alter Time
    Clear debuffs with Greater Invis
    Build to 4 stacks and CoC/AE/Frost Bomb adds

    For frost:

    Clear debuffs with Alter Time
    Clear debuffs with Greater Invis
    Save Orb for after large numbers of adds spawn
    Use CoC, Frost Bomb, AE and FoF-IL as appropriate
    Use elemental freeze on the add pile shortly before frost bomb is going to detonate (if you're unlucky, someone else's AOE might break the root before the bomb goes off, but it costs you nothing in terms of GCDs and will proc FoF so it's always worth trying)

    Heroic Immerseus is mostly about managing your debuff stacks and efficiently killing the adds. The boss himself is not particularly threatening unless you walk in front of him. Given that mages have multiple ways to remove the debuff we're in a good place on this fight overall.

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    Wait, are you guys not using AT at the very beginning for a damage boost?

    For me it's always been just GI, IB, GI. The first 2-3 stack phases are the worst. Then it's a walk in the park.

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    As frost this plays out like most fights, except you should wait about 8-10 seconds in to pop AT. The corruption/DoT mechanic starts like 12-13 seconds into the fight. Most groups BL at start. I personally save Orb for the adds, but I am sure there are arguments for and against that. AT will clear your first stacks off of you. At this point I fire my Orb at the adds while still targeting immersius. I get up to 5-6 stacks then pop GI, and then go back up to 3 stacks. At this point you should be doing great DPS, have cleared the most if not close to the highest number of stacks of Immersius, and be focused on the adds till they are down or when you see the mechanic finish on Immersius.

    Please remember to multidot throughout the duration. Because of the number of adds for BF and FoF procs I rarely have to cast FB throughout most of this phase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sennin View Post
    Please remember to multidot throughout the duration. Because of the number of adds for BF and FoF procs I rarely have to cast FB throughout most of this phase.
    Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly, but are you saying that by multidotting, you are getting more BF and FoF procs? Because BF only procs from the last Mage Bomb cast. :/

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    You are getting lots of BF procs from multidotting, and should have a good long streak of FoF from sending the orb into the add pile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sennin View Post
    You are getting lots of BF procs from multidotting,
    as nickseng told some message ago, BF procs only from the last applied bomb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selenor View Post
    as nickseng told some message ago, BF procs only from the last applied bomb
    You guys are right, I am dumb. Still, maybe because of the low health of the adds and the frequency of the explosions I perceived a more steady flow of BF procs.

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    Go arcane, AE Spam near tanks.

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    You could [as stated by Mystique] also install WeakAuras 2 and import the following string:

    Quote Originally Posted by Swelling Corruption string
    dudxcaGEjkTlPqBtiZuIWCrHzRWnLi52kPDkv2l1Uv1(rGFkf8xe63GgmcA4kQdkr0Xe4COklukYsLOyXsvTCOEir6 PKwgQ8CvAQi1KrPPdCAixvIQll66c1grrpwfBMW2LQCyj9zKmnP03jIrkrQHruJgrnEPOoPsCle5Ak15vKNjHXHQ6B cAhyARiRlpiXI6jzSCG)Lb67rCKu5ZwXtepKrRjUcfISITETY1OCJBRRwzTYAARc4duuzt3X1ATgdGUVveRvvsogON IacLcX44zac(wpq4Gfk5DtwBUbH4MaZKueVIwzEB(B5IWIaozli1gzvcIfq2DHBR4KcbF6P50k6aFRtnie3eyMKI2H rB(HYrHrCbfHHwqQn06hVsJruuj(6UaRamIIkXM2A8nLcJFGBY6Dopib6u(Jaw7dV3aRFDnVM2Dbwvj5yGEkciukeJ JNbi4BGv2SFSqqpnNwlDjltPywEjmWk5errg4UWTvw0DEuNwoW36YdsSOEsglh4FzG(Eehjv(Sv8eXdz0AIRqHiRyR dyL10wXWrAARRXdaY0gyGbwbzZaPWbeBA3XzM85I2TC84j3wSL37qliTlCxHzYNNCaxbhNCBe)nxqKfK2fgyG1QPTQ sYXa9ueqOuighpdqW36YdsSOEsglh4FzG(Eehjv(Sv8eXdz0AIRqHiRydS2ZDbTbYgyd
    Adjust it and place it to your likings. Just make sure you stop at 3, expecting you get 4. In addition it might also help to get Temporal Shield instead of Ice Barrier. It all comes down to attention. Last but not least, whenever Immerseus does his Swirl, just go to the edges of the room and you will not get hit. Also, you'll be able to blink through the swirl to prevent the damage. If you have stacks of the Swelling corruption, you should definitly not take any unnecessary damage.

    Cheers and enjoy the shitty fight
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