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    Troll or Tauren

    I'm using my free boost on a balanced druid but cant decided on which race. Im leaning more towards tauren but i do like the trolls racial but I'm not sure if that helps with a balanced druid. This is for pvp also. NOT asking for anyone to pick just wanna know peoples opinions if anyone has ever played a balanced druid with a tauren or troll.

    Speaking of racial's i don't really mind either one. I like the idea of being Tauren with the ability to stun melee around me to create space or heal up, along with the added health tauren get. Trolls i like the idea of the added cast time trolls get when berserking (not sure if that is good for balanced druids) but the regeneration they have also is very nice, not sure if voodoo shuffle is any good or helpful but its also a nice perk.

    Again this is NOT a "pick my race" this is just a wanting opinions from those who have played either tauren or troll druids thread.

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    Honestly, I preferred playing a Tauren druid strictly because of the stun. It's nice to be able to get off a quick heal in battle. Really a noticeable game changer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas94 View Post
    It's nice to be able to get off a quick heal in battle. Really a noticeable game changer.
    yeah. that's why I'm leaning more towards the tauren because that's gonna come in handy.

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    For PvP go Tauren. Troll racial is a nice little haste buff for Balance, but if you PvP these days you know that CC trumps anything else.

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    Hmm. How serious are you in pvp ? , because normally when i pick a race i go for the look really, but yeah im not a big fan of the way the troll forms look compared to the cows

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