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    Faerie fire and weakened armor in proving grounds.

    Working on endless healer as druid.

    For some reason faerie fire seems to more often than not not apply the weakened armor buff to the targets, and I can't see any apparent pattern in when weakened armor is applied and when it is not.

    Shouldn't weakened armor work consistently on proving grounds mobs? Is there any reason for why selected mobs should not get that debuff?

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    maybe one of your mates automatically apply it (e.g. ur tank)?

    however, I would try the glyph "Fae Silence". by using this you can get one of the ranged caster closer which may result in your mates start aoe´ing (mobs die faster by that)


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    Proving grounds is a solo scenario...
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    Found the answer: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=144063

    Xuen's Presence: Standard Raid Debuffs, applies weakened armor and all the other raid debuffs to proving ground mobs automatically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zen0x View Post
    Proving grounds is a solo scenario...
    Healer proving grounds have you assigned a dungeon team of npc's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dendrophobia View Post
    which may result in your mates start aoe´ing (mobs die faster by that)
    Do your NPC teammates in proving grounds have aoe or cleave attacks? They are not listed with any on wowhead.

    DPS seems to be the bottleneck to me, at the moment.

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    Weakened Armor is already provided, which is why FF is failing to apply it. Don't worry bout casting FF in there, cast Moonfire instead.
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