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    Holy Priest Healing Garrosh

    Hello, My guild is doing Normal Garrosh 10m

    We are two healing it, and the other healer is a Disc Priest

    Is there anything I can do to up the healing with my character..

    Spells, Reforge, Stats, or Talents or anything helpful?

    I feel I could be doing more healing and it feels like I actually have to snipe for healing with a disc priest! anything is helpful at this point! Really frustrated with my performance.

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    First of all get to 4721 haste so you get extra lightwell + sanctuary + glyphed renew ticks. After that I would gem mastery and not crit. Get rid of power infusion and spec DI or ToF especially for Garrosh.

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    Do you have custom weighted stats I could put in on amr?

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    You select holy, you select spec DI or ToF, you take the default stat priority. You add that you want to go for 4721 haste after intellect. You then select mastery as next priority and you put haste after the cap as well as crit low. If you need a spirit cap you specify that.
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    Yes, you DON'T need Critical Strike. It just makes you overheal a lot. Change to Mastery, Haste (up to the 4721 soft cap) and then Spirit if you feel you lack Mana regen.

    Also, like others said, Power Infusion is not the best talent for you. I particularly use Twist of Fate combined with Divine Star. If your Divine Star hits any adds or players with low health, you get the bonus, and it comes often in a fight like Garrosh (specially considering it has lots of adds and the boss itself gets to low health many times over the fight).

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    I've had issues with this as well and found that stacking more haste and spirit to compensate really increased my healing. It's all about renew and refreshing renew properly. I found this thread very helpful:


    Also, I'm not sure what you're using for Garrosh, but you might want to use DS over Cascade.

    EDIT: This also has some handy weights for AMR as you requested.

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