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    Not really <.<. Disc is, as said, a very simple spec. I'm not doing odd stuff like keeping shadow word pain up or such, it's just... Keep dpsing. Never stop. I have the advantage of having played a DPS main for a few years before having to play my disc, so my mind set was "max throughput, never stop, keep on hitting stuff, DON'T FUCKING WASTE TIME". Has worked out well so far. Remember, the more smites you manage to squeeze out, the more penance you get out (because of the -.5 sec on penance per smite cast).
    Of course - I've been taking all that on board since starting to play Discipline. A question though, do you use the DPS cloak and raid 25 man and if so, is that contributing considerably to your numbers? I'm trying to work out what might be letting you reach higher figures and I guess if this is cleaving more adds that might be the source.

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    I've been wearing the healing cloak lately, just to piss off the other healers in my guild :P. iron juggernaut with (8% dmg, 130K dps). Iron juggernaut without (117K dps).
    There's a difference, but it's usually around 10%. More if you cleave shit down like protectors.
    Thing is, Chi Ji only gave me 1.72M healing done on juggernaut, which would be equal to like... 6K HPS. There's a giant gap between the two cloaks in terms of HPS, (about 50K), but that's more to do with the RNG of critting and possibly me whoring on the "better" parse during the AOE phase. Quick glance, halo did double the healing and so did spirit shell with the healing cloak, and for some reason I started PW:S spamming, so chances are someone blew up some tar during the AOE phase or something .

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