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    No matter what the forum members say it is up to you.

    If it is unacceptable to you, then you need to find a better place to have fun.
    Personally, I zone out from time to time on progression and the occasional "Hey, Fuckface pull your head out of your ass." is what I need to refresh my keybind pounding! However, I went into my guild with that knowledge and do not get upset when it happens.

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    The simple answer is don't be shit and you won't be treated like it.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoonman View Post
    Im not sure how old u are but i would say that being able to take shit is part of growing up

    Thats what ive learned mostly thru work and RL aswell as a few moments in WoW.
    A Raging Leader mostly comes in Hardcore Guilds in WoW(were i have experienced it at least) and ive Always been fine with it.
    Its a way of personality and u just have to accept it...... or not and find a new Guild, its up to u.
    Sure, being able to take shit is part of growing up, but by growing up you also develop one other thing called "brain" and when someone is brainlessly shouting at you when he could calmly explain the mistake then a little alert should pop in your brain telling you that it's not really your mistake that is the problem, it's just that the person has problems. Mental problems.

    Also, even if the OP really wiped them ( which he himself doubts ) and we considered that kind of an act "shit" then the raid leader has to grow up so he can take shit like this. Shit happens.Sometimes you can misclick, sometimes you can panic, sometimes you can get some nasty lag or a huge fps loss. Even if you know a fight perfectly, your performance during multiple attempts at that fight will never be the same. Because we are humans. We are not robots that do everything the exact same way every time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Redcinder View Post
    Were you performing like shit ? After doing a bossfight 100 times ? If yes take the anger like you deserve. Nothing more infuriating while raiding than a moron that doesn't learn after doing something countless times.
    An average human being with an average IQ can come to the conclusion that it is better to explain a person's mistake to him after the first time instead of letting him do it 100 times and rage at him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kingoomieiii View Post
    Well, the other 24 people were having fun before you caused a wipe. The sound you heard is the sound of fun dying.

    I've done raid-leading, and yelled at people. I'd like to think I'm generally level-headed, and willing to explain mechanics, give people the benefit of the doubt, etc. It is NEVER the first fuck up that gets yelled at. It's on attempt 100 of paragons when the same person dies to Rapid Fire for the 50th time.
    The OP said he didn't wipe them himself. He didn't say "haha i wiped the raid because its fun". Even if he did wipe them, I am certain it was unintentional thus judging him like that is stupid. Also, WoW is a game before everything else. It's meant for fun. Now if it's some top tier guild that plays the game solely for competitiveness, then I guess it is somewhat acceptable to have a raging raid leader, to a certain extent. But even then that is stupid. Raging instead of explaining is stupid. Plus, I've seen some top tier guilds raid and the raid leaders never rage like that...

    Also, if you go to a raid, you should be mentally prepared to wipe many times even if it gets to the point where it's no longer fun otherwise... YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!
    Quote Originally Posted by Duravian View Post
    You say humble, I say beaten. These guys used to make games and then show us. If we liked it or not, they were still in control. Now we've got them beaten at every corner - Twitter, MMO-C, the wow forums, the infinite mmo news sites, etc. Blizzard has nowhere left to turn, they have been properly subdued by the ravenous consumers that we've become.
    Quote Originally Posted by Axcel View Post
    Oh the titans, the Forums are leaking again.

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    i always cry when people yell at me, cause i'm like 11.

    You know if you deserved it or not, we don't.
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    I was the raid leader for my guild for all of Cataclysm (cleared all content on normal - we're very casual) and the beginning of Mists (before I burned out) and I would NEVER yell at my team. I would yell and cuss and get angry, and then I would push my talk button for Vent and calmly point out any errors from the last wipe and what should be done to correct them. I only recently told our guild leader about that. We really only had one guy that I could have yelled at, but he was an alcoholic who played so drunk that he screwed up too much. Funny thing, after he was told he'd be kicked from the guild if he played drunk in a raid again he quit drinking and it turns out that sober he's a freak'n great player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grading View Post
    Okay, if it was merely a Flex raid, with half of it being PuG even, I believe he went way overboard. If he keeps acting like that, then I suggest finding another guild, because there is absolutely no justification getting angry like that in a Flex raid with half randoms. You've gotta expect some fails then.

    And hell, if you went several seconds without heals, with cooldowns popped, and died, I'd certainly say that's the healers' fault.

    I'd almost say the higher "rank" you are in raiding, the more likely it is that you act like that.

    I very, very rarely ever met anyone raiding high up, that weren't dicks or otherwise had very bad attitudes.

    It's actually kind of ironic that people who are that upset about "losing" would bother with something where you lose (wipe) that many times.
    then you haven't seen, heard, or raided with many ppl high up. There are TONS of people in the game that are just average players that are dicks and have bad attitudes. How "high up" you raid has zero to do with if you're a dick or not. Trade is a great example. LFR, dungeons, forums, etc. People want to think that the ones "high up" are the ones with the negative traits. But it's all too convenient. And not true.

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    Pretty much boils down to whether it is a guild/pre-organized group, or a PuG, In an organized group/guild it is totally acceptable, i've done it and so how many other people, it works. I my guild this happens like once a month at the most, and is literally only 1 outburst, and then people usually shape-up or are replaced.

    In a PuG however, it is totally not acceptable. I have never reacted angrily to the failure of a PuG, doing so is just silly, and is bad-form, a PuG should be fairly relaxed and everyone should understand that we may or may not complete what we set out to accomplish. After some continuous wipes in pugs on things I've killed already, whether it be old content or current-tier I just let the raid know that we have X more pulls before I will step out, and they can continue without me or not. A PuG should never end up in shouting, because you can always step out, by definition there is no lasting commitment in a PuG, so you can't expect perfection, and you shouldn't stay if you are unhappy with the performance of the group. If 1 person is the problem, they can always be replaced, but it needs to be done with a calm and collected attitude.

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