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    Addon Help

    Hello, my friends.
    Who knows is this addon?
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    That looks like 'Need to Know' to me.

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    Yeah, NeedToKnow - but get TellMeWhen or WeakAuras2 instead. Much better than bars that don't warn you when it's NOT there. Plus the thousands of other things they can do.

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    That looks like MikePreachWoW's UI. That's TellMeWhen. WeakAuras can do that, too.



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    Definitely TellMeWhen.

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    Could be Classtimer as well.

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    tnks for all!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feralica View Post
    Could be Classtimer as well.
    ClassTimers iirc from using them a few years ago

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    It's classtimer.

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    it's mikepreachwows UI and in his addon video he did a while back he said it was class timers

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