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    Quote Originally Posted by Baronthefirst View Post
    While part of the Alliance and yes it might be cool it doesn't represent the Alliance as a whole. These are going to be faction inspired not specific race inspired. That is what I believe anyway. Guess we will see more once the series is under way. We can only speculate on that.
    Yup, they will be faction themed which is why I talked about dreaming. But making a blue and gold chopper with a lion on it would be a bit redundant since we already have mechgineer's chopper, I seriously hope they manage to make the chopper somehow different and more interesting.
    Also, many alliance fans, especially the draenei and night elves, would argue that the lion with the blue and gold colors is not faction inspired but more Stormwind inspired.

    Here is a very good post from the US forums about the situation.

    Chopper Crew: We are going with a red and black tribal with fancy little trinkets and spikes. Sound good?

    Horde: Yes!

    Chopper Crew: And we are going with a Blue and Gold theme with the Alliance with lots of filagrees. Sound good?

    Humans: Sounds goo-

    Night Elves: No! Silver!

    Draenei: Matte silver!

    Night Elves: Yeah! Matte silver!

    Chopper Crew: Ok... matte sil-

    Dwarves: IRON! Weathered and beaten Iron!

    Dark Iron Dwarves: Dark weathered and beaten iron!

    Gnomes: Micro polished electroplated anodized chrome brass alloy!

    Chopper Crew: What...?

    Gnomes: This color! *Throws Gear*

    Chopper Crew .... And the Filagree?

    Humans/Night Elves: Yes!

    Gnomes/Dwarves: No Bolts!

    Worgen: Buckles!

    Draenei: Small cryptic text?

    Chopper Crew: I think we can work something out... Anything else?

    Dwarves/Night Elves: Feathers!

    Draenei/Humans: Jewels!

    Worgen/Gnomes: Levers!

    Humans: Lions!

    Night Elves: Owls!

    Dwarves: GRYPHONS!!!!!

    Gnomes: Electromagnetic hydro flange!

    Worgen: Leather!

    Dwarves: Molten Metal!

    Draenei: Can it float?

    Humans: Any room for stone fortifications?

    Dwarves: Bolts!

    Humans: Blue!

    Night Elves: Purple!

    Draenei: Are we still looking into the matte silver?

    Dwarves: Bronze!

    Gnomes: Electro-Coils!

    Dwarves: BEER!

    Worgen: Lots of luggage!

    Dwarves; Beer!!!

    Gnome: Spinners!

    Draenei: Can it glow?

    Chopper Crew: 0_0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amnaught View Post
    What is changed? I can't see a single thing is changed..
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    I'm going to vote for whichever one looks the best, and then use it on that faction character/s. Seeing as I have a level 90 horde char as well as my main Alliance 90s I win either way. No complaining for me. I very rarely use my original chopper anyway, although that might change when we are ground based again and I give my friends a lift around.

    So hopefully the new chopper will also be a 2/3 person mount.

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