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    Fox News ? Sorry, pass.

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    Well, I won't condone killing people, but do we even know the whole story. Some of these kids are abused, some get handed over to people who are sick individuals.

    It is a sad world when it is these young kids themselves who have to take it into their own hands to try to create change in these kinds of societies. Like the kid in this video from last year. I can't imagine ever being able to take that on the age of 11 and being that outspoken. The outspoken ones are the kids that will someday change the world for the better.

    In some cases... yeah, it could be like your parent's creepy friend who's always been a bit inappropriate toward you when ever they are at your parent's home and your parents agree one day to marry you off to the creep in return for money. I can see how a kid might do something desperate if it's the only solution they can come up with in their young mind.
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    I hope she learned a lesson here. When in doubt, always add more poison. Could have gotten the other 10.
    Like Machiavelli said, if you're going to cause someone injury, make it so severe that they can never retaliate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aratra View Post
    So you do not believe that a man or woman has the right to defend themselves from rape or even death?

    You are completely missing my point, I am simply acknowledging that she murdered 4 people, I'm not condoning her marriage, or qualifying her situation in any way. I didn't see anything about rape, but that's besides the point.

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