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    Frost vs Unholy Survival & Healing

    I did some 2v2 on my Warrior last night to get my prideful weapon and we (warrior/rogue) got ourselves into a 1v2 situation after we nuked his healer down and the first thing that went through my mind was GG and to my surprise the Unholy DK killed me and my partner and he ended the match with 95% HP.

    Now I only play my DK when I feel like ripping people apart in BG's and what not. But I switched from Frost to Unholy a month ago and TBH I can't see myself surviving any more than I would as frost.

    I'm OBVIOUSLY missing something so will someone please take the time to clear this up for me?

    EDIT: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...n%C3%A8/simple
    Thought that it might be a different talent or something.
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    Unholy's survivability is a lot stronger than Frost's because you can switch into Blood Presence and use your Runic Power for Conversion (macro'd) without losing the majority of your damage.

    Frost, on the other hand, won't be able to threaten anything sitting in Blood Presence.

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    Pretty much what vholu said, frost relies too much on frost presence to do damage. Unholy presence just adds movement speed, attack speed and run regen. Your diseases and pet can still dish out a good amount in blood presence. Lichborne healing helps dark transform too.

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    Frost makes good use of Death Siphon since they can always use it with the permanent death rune conversion.

    Unholy gets a ton out of Lichborne, but it has a long cooldown.

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    I simply love it so much when my death coil crit heals for 160k and I go from 10% to almost full in 3 or 4 GCDs. It's like boomkin healing with their NS Healing touch but harder to get the crit. Macro Lichborne to your on-use or engineering trinket and when you're using Death coil healing, I recommend unholy presence since there's lesser healing to be done to get to full and there's always a chance that you'll get the free death coil proc from auto attacking.

    Conversion double tap macro heals for 15k every second but you'll need to be pillar hugging while spamming chains of ice on everything you can. Be in Blood presence for conversion.

    Frost sucks.

    If you're frost I suggest using Death Siphon since you don't use necrotic strike in PvP anyway. It provides a steady heal of 35-40k non crit for every death rune you have.

    Also don't count out Death strike just because you're DPS. It's gives an 18-20k heal and cannot be parried by warrior DBTS.

    My most unhappy part of DK WOD changes is the Lichborne healing. I'm not exactly sure how they've changed it but it's something about Leech and I'm guessing it will be a lot weaker than our current Lichborne + Death coil spam. However, Necrotic Plague will give us a lot of runic power which can be spent on Conversion.
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