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    Recommend UH PVE guide?

    Just curious, is there a recommended updated Unholy PVE guide? I've barely touched my DK this whole expansion and want to play around with the class a bit more and wanted to give UH a try.

    I've seen some vids on youtube but some of the information between what I see posted here and on the various vids seems a bit conflicting (Haste vs. mastery, extending diseases with Festering strike vs not using it etc).

    Just looking for some pointers.


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    I think EJ is relatively up to date still: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic...-been-doubled/

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    Haste varies by fight, the more you can AMS-soak the less haste is worth. I sit at about 4k-ish haste and usually have little downtime unless there's nothing to soak. Festering Strike should mostly be used on only B/F runes, altough there are a few fights (Thok comes to mind) where extending strong diseases with death runes is worth it.

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