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    I don't get it either honestly. Nothing about it seems appealing to me. I don't think the OP is claiming that everything has to appeal to him just that he thinks it would be a waste of a playable race, to him/her.

    I would tend to agree, nothing amazing about it, novelty perhaps, but nothing amazing. I don't see much amazing about many of the remaining options of races though.

    Ethereals perhaps, that could be.
    Furblog.. I don't think so
    Gnoll ... no thanks
    Jinyu .. no
    Kobolds .. No take candle!.. I don't and wouldn't, ugh!

    Nerubian .. how would this even work?
    Quillboar .. uhhh no

    Sporeling, Tuskarr, Qiraji, Naga, Murloc ... No! No! No!

    Drakoid, Dragonspawn, Cenarius Favored Children, Satyr, Centaur ... talk about some fundamental game changes for any of these

    Arakkoa.... never in a million..

    It's just no that feasible to me and I'm not thinking any of the races we have now would be engaging to play verses what we have. Not saying we couldn't have something new, but I don't know what that would be. I like Worgen and Pandaran and to me they were new when WoW introduced them to the game. I even like playing Goblin. I just don't see the draw of any of the current races at this time.

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    I'm alliance and I'd love to see Ogres added even if it was just for the horde. They're awesome and hilarious.

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    Well, yes. I have to agree with op. While i wouldnt mind ogres as a playable race, there are far more interesting races that should be added as playable.
    For example; Etherals, Nagas, Qiraji, Nerubian, Satyr, Mo'arg, High Elves, Drakonids etc. Best thing of course would be to have multiple races be playable, but considering the extreme lazyness from blizz when it comes to this (thinking of what an extreme letdown WOD announcement was when everyone was expecting new races/classes) its never going to happen, so im forced to agree with op.

    However, the biggest waste ever on a playable race slot was pandarens.
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    To me they would be a waste of resources for a new race, because personally I would never play one. That said, I wouldn't mind if they where added because tons of people want them in the game. I'd rather get Etherals or Arrakoa over Ogres but that's just me. They are basically bigger, fatter version of orcs with tusks on their foreheads.
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    Since there isn't a limited number of playable race "slots," there's really no way to "waste" one.

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    They offer heavy brawn to Horde's standing army, which it could really use after SoO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkTZeratul View Post
    Since there isn't a limited number of playable race "slots," there's really no way to "waste" one.
    Except resources are limited and this game's lifetime is limited so thank for the argument of semantics.

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    While you have full and absolute control of your head and its associated arm, both players will have simultaneous control of equipment and inventory management, both legs, and character locomotion. This can make it somewhat difficult to travel anywhere in particular if that particular destination at all differs in the mind of either player. Thus, good communication and well-defined roles are essential to the successful Two-headed Ogre. To facilitate this communication, each Two-headed Ogre will get its own channel so that both heads can better make personal decisions and confer privately about things like what quest to do next, what monster to target, and what direction to move in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by banestalker View Post
    btw if they're ever introduced they HAVE to fall flat on their stomach when they die. with their butts facing the sky. it helps if their armor leaves them with bare-butts.

    old-school warcraft fans get what I'm talking about.
    Hahaha - Where is the like button when you need it! Too funny!

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    I like Ogres. I hope if they do become playable, Blizzard doesn't pretty them up. I hope their starting area is disgusting and ugly too. If people don't like them, they don't have to play as them, but don't begrudge those that like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IzoGray View Post
    I just don't like them. I don't see why people would want to play them either.
    And...? Plenty of people don't play Trolls, Gnomes, and Dwarfs. Should we delete them for taking up a playable race slot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IzoGray View Post
    I just don't like them. I don't see why people would want to play them either.
    They would be the best class they are the super saiyans of Warcraft, the strong will rule the weak will perish (like vegeta said)


    1)i want to see the story with Rexxar and the Ogres move forward from the WC3 story (it has not had any love at all)
    2) with the 2 head feature they can make one of the most funny race ever, with random dialog or racials.
    3) we have that Ogres are one of the races left that have been very very important and need more love.
    4) since we have never seen a Ogre female the creative team of blizzard can go wild on the model.
    5) we have black dragonflight + Theramore destroyed in Duskwallow march the zone needs a rewarp anyways and since our Ogre clan lives there perfect starting zone.


    Quote Originally Posted by Eliot123 View Post
    What if you get a 2-headed one? Would you need 2 helms or? :P
    They can just show equipment on 1 and leave 1 head without armor

    (p.s i dont get why ppl want Ethereals? you do know a naked Ethereals is just light? and that they got 0 lore in Warcraft. so that would mean you take a race just for looks what is kinda wierd toward me)
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    Quote Originally Posted by IzoGray View Post
    I just don't like them. I don't see why people would want to play them either.
    Blood elves are a waste of a playable race slot. We should've got ogres then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    Blood elves are a waste of a playable race slot. We should've got ogres then.
    Should've been Ogres for Horde, Pandaren for Alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IzoGray View Post
    I just don't like them. I don't see why people would want to play them either.

    I think you spelt "High Elves" wrong there, OP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    I think you spelt "High Elves" wrong there, OP.
    Glad I wasn't the only person thinking that.

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    Indifferent. I think there are more interesting races to choose from.

    I do think that it might be a bit of a waste though considering player Ogres would undoubtedly have to be shrunk down when it's a race who's size is a big part of their presence. No lumbering giant, just another tubby character blocking things others need to get to.

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    An Ogre Warrior would be badass. I'd play one.

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    I don't think they'd be a waste of a slot, since a lot of people seem to want them. I personally would never play one, though. It's already difficult enough for me to play a Tauren or a male Draenei because their sheer size makes it seem like everything is moving ten times slower. I also think ogres are ugly and as a general rule, they have dumb (literally, dumb) personalities. So not much fun in there for me.

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    I think human is a waste of a race spot for wow. If I want to play as myself, why should play as either some who looks like a Caucasian or as an African with no option as Asian?

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