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    Why did you even bother making this thread when you've already marked him as hacker/exploiter and debunking everyone who tries to give a rational explanation
    No rational explanation has been given. I know a warlock inside and out. It's kinda pointless me saying "Hey great suggestion, you must be right" if it is actually incorrect.

    This bug/exploit/hack needs to be exposed to ensure it can be removed. Warlocks are already going to be receiving necessary nerfs to bring us into line for WOD. As a life long lock, i would hate to see additional nerfs come WOD cause this bug/exploit/hack is not corrected.

    Recently a bug has been exposed that you can have 2 sets of gear, 1 with the required hit you need to be hit capped, and the other without any hit on it.... You can equip 1 set and then the other but not change a trinket and you will retain the extra stats from the gear without hit, it might only be a couple of % extra stats but it is a bug/exploit if used to your advantage (not being an accident).

    I am simply hoping to expose this bug in the same way.
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    Obviously no one here knows what the exact bug is. Report it and move on with your life.
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    Wow. The OP has not once said anything wrong about the 'warlock' in this thread (albeit from showing is name, no biggie though) and what does everyone do with that? Hate on him for bringing this to the forums.

    He was right to bring it here bringing the more people that know about it the higher chance that more dev's will see it and a higher chance of figuring it out to fix it.

    The couple people posting 'bad' stuff about the OP just proves that people still just use these forums to 'flame' others because they have nothing better to do by either misreading stuff or stating stuff on assumption and what fits better in their head just to go at someone. Grow up please or just take your 'insults' to other less used venues and keep this one clean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seezer View Post
    We had locks in my raid during T14 progression who were 800k+ with gosac soul link. I am not surprised at all a lock has 1.5 mil now. It isn't an exploit. And edit the dudes name out. Not cool.
    Only with shadow bulwark.

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    so if he popped shadow bulwark, this dude could have up to 1.79 million HP with a 1 million damage absorb Spact shield.

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