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  • Stick with the current plan, and retire them

    62 62.63%
  • Give all rewards for completing all Golds right now

    14 14.14%
  • Earn existing rewards in the new CM's

    6 6.06%
  • Further downscale players to run existing CM's

    17 17.17%
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    It breaks my heart to hear that the rewards will be removed.

    I tried to do the challenge dungeons for a long time with little success. I think our team managed to get 2 gold coins and 2 silver? It was difficult to perform on a low-end hardware machine.. and getting a good team together was just.. horrible.

    We spent money fixing up players with gems and enchantments, taught them the fighting patterns only to get them to quit on the team because they would find it too hard. This happened many many times and eventually the team gave up.

    At the back of my mind, I always thought it would be something we could try again in the future.. but now it seems impossible.

    I honestly wish they left the current structure as is and moved on to creating a new challenge/reward package in WOD.
    This way the rest of us could catch up eventually.

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    Too many changes coming with the expansion to keep it in. They also want to keep them as "seasons" similar to PvP.

    Everyone had a WHOLE expansion to do them and even do them cross-realm. Not trying to have Special Snowflake syndrome, but just remove them because they're meant to be challenging and will either be too easy or too difficult come WoD, and the difficulty didn't change all that much throughout the expansion, unlike raid tiers which get easier with gear where you can go back for the achievement mounts (though if future meta achievements will be as easy as SoO, then you won't NEED to go back because a good 90% of people who clear "Normal" (AKA: Flex) will have gotten the mount!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandwrong View Post
    Whatever. I'll be rocking around in WoD with my Mistwalker title. Because THAT is prestige. Not a silly set of xmog armor you got and a fancy bird.
    Speaking as someone who holds a number of titles you can't get anymore, I have to tell you you're way off base here. Then again, I find the entire idea of "prestige" in WoW to be utterly ludicrous anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steamwheedle View Post
    The problem with what you're suggesting is that to have 'status symbols', such a thing as 'status' has to exist. Apart from a few friends a person might play with, or guild peers if they got into a particularly good one, nobody really cares what other people have, and every ostensible achievement can be written off as not earned if the audience determines that the subject was carried, or paid for it, or whatever.

    So they're not status symbols. What are they, then?

    Toys. And the kids who have these toys don't want other kids to be able to buy them, even when they're old and discounted, and they already have the newest, flashiest toys.

    My warlock has green fire, too. I got it a while back, before SoO and Timeless Isle were out, and the quest was pretty damn hard at my low ilvl. I don't care if they leave the quest in the game for people to do once WoD comes out, because I don't measure the value of my so-called 'status symbols' against other people, who else has them and who doesn't. I couldn't care less whether other people get green fire, it has absolutely no impact on my gameplay, but might make someone else happy.

    When you're arguing against something that won't impact your gameplay at all, but has the chance to make someone else happy... Well, you're just a despicable person. A nasty, immature, selfish person.
    Well, I think that's oversimplifying things a bit. Things are given value by their difficulty or rarity, so it's important to maintain certain barriers. My thing is that the barriers should at least be surmountable, whereas when something it just *removed*, I think it artificially makes items seem of higher value, and removes content from the game. Allowing the content to become trivial I think is kind of deflating, though, because it does wind up feeling like your accomplishments are meaningless. It's not that players don't want others to have these rewards, so much as we want to see them rise to meet the same challenges as us.

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