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    Botting is a perma ban. You probably got banned for something else and need a reason for people to hate Blizzard.

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    You were doing somethng wrong. Don't have lie to kick it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarecho View Post
    it's an automated system. if you kill X mob X number of times in X seconds, the game bans you. if you interact with X amount of nodes for X amount of time, the game bans you. it's been around since wotlk. it's a lazy way for blizz to deal with botters, except it never gets botters, it gets people just grinding

    next time, raise hell immediately and tell them you're sick and goddamn tired of suffering because they don't wanna pay someone to actively monitor these situations

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    this is such bullshit. they can't catch bots unless they're hooking, you don't need to hook and sometimes, they can't catch those who are hooking.
    the AUTOMATED system that detects repetition is just a poor design that saves the money. it catches people grinding more than anything. real bots have ways to avoid this stuff
    I've farmed the same path, same nodes, same time each day, for the same amount of time (1 hour). Haven't ever gotten banned.
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    Just chat occasionally with people, or maybe log out after an hour then relog in. And dont let them ban you if you've done nothing wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fhina View Post
    Respectfully, you seem to be missing the ENTIRE point. Bots are designed specifically to do things that create enough randomness to fool Blizz's automated systems. It's why they're still going strong (as are BG bots).
    Bots perform in ways that make them easily recognizable. More recognizable to automated detection, in fact, than to humans.

    The ways in which bots repeat activities make them obviously "inhuman" when subjected to relatively simple analysis, and it's difficult to design bots that work usefully in the framework of WoW that don't also behave in a telltale manner.

    That said, Blizzard is more interested in clamping down firmly on any automation that is becoming a "trend" than it is on fingering every single use of automation. The banwaves earlier this year were crushing blows to a couple of large automation communities.

    If you are out there doing the same thing on your bot that a bunch of other people are doing, and it seems to be going really well, then your perma ban is already in the pipeline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post
    Frankly I'd act like a bot in a sarcastic manner. someone whispers are u a bot?

    reply "Wowglider: Auto response loading chuck norris joke 104, fuck off.
    Best joke MMO-C 2014! If someone ever asks me if I'm a bot, this WILL BE my EXACT reply. +5000 to you prwraith!

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