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    Need some advice for gear choice

    Hello fellow warlocks,

    I´ve been taking a break from a Wow for a couple of months and have picked up raiding again recently. We just killed garrosh on normal with our second raiding group and want to start on some HC´s next reset.

    Question: I have a tough choice to make between 4-set with low ilvl gear os stick with 2-set with higher level gear. I can reach 4 set with a LFR chest, normal shoulders, legs and hands (tier-set). Or go for 2-set with normal WF shoulders and normal chest (both with mastery) and hands and legs as tier pieces.

    Simcraft gives these results: 4-set: 133600 dps, 2-set, with higer offset pieces: 139744 dps.

    What should i go for? Is it worth taking 4 set over such a big ilvl drop?



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    what spec are you running? if its aff stick with 2 pieces, destro/demo 4 is better.

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    Ah oops, i run destro mainly.

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    4 pieces bonus is bettah. especialy if you know when it procs.

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    Okay, thank you for your advice. Will use 4-set in that case.

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