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    25m Heroic Thok CD Help?

    Hi all. I'm trying to wrap my head around H-Thok CD Coordination and failing miserably at it. We plan to go 25 acceleration/14 blood frenzy stacks for all 3-4 R1/R2 phases. We haven't started the boss yet, and we're trying to have a workup before we get there. I'm not sure who we'll end up bringing to the fight, but our entire raid make up consists of 29 players of the following:

    1 - DK
    1 - Paladin

    2 - Druid
    2 - Paladin
    2 - Priest (Disc)
    1 - Shaman


    2 - DK
    2 - Druid (Balance)
    2 - Druid (Feral)
    3 - Hunters
    1 - Monk
    1 - Paladin
    1 - Rogue
    1 - Warrior
    1 - Shaman (Enh)
    1 - Shaman (Ele)
    2 - Mage
    3 - Warlock

    Total 29 players.

    Total CDs

    2 - Tranq (MS 3 min CD)
    4 - Tranq (OS 8 min CD)

    8 - BOP (5 min CD)
    4 - Devo Aura

    2 - Divine Star (I'm told that used simultaneously, heals for ~400k per player)
    2 - PW:B
    2 - Spirit Shell users

    1 - Demo Banner
    1 - Rallying Cry

    1 - Smoke Bomb

    3 - AG
    3 - HTT (1 resto based)
    1 - SLT

    I'm pretty sure we have enough CD's, I'm just having a rough time figuring out how and where to squeeze them in. We'll also sit 4 of these players. My guess is that we'll sit our monk, one feral, one hunter, and a mage or DK (though I don't determine the dps make-up so it's hard to say). I've downloaded a number of spreadsheets and tried to work out what should be used when, but I keep falling short. Two of my guild mates have provided me with the CD lists for their other guilds, but these raids have completely different makeups, and I can't seem to get the CDs to correlate. Any assistance with a mock workup would be much appreciated.
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    As DK, i feel this is the worst fight for us the whole tier we really suck at it…..The devo aura's are key you need to use them from about 8th screech to ensure they are up again during the bats. Having spirit link totem is also helpful once you all stack to ensure you transition phase safely…….The dps shaman should use AG during bats and also possibly use warrior cps since its the most healing intense part of the fight. I think healer druids can symbiosis a warlock for a form of BOP so its really the shaman and OS Tranqs that will need the bops……Bear in mind some cd's won't hit both groups (smoke bomb and priest bubbles)...

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    What I would do:
    6 Enhancement Shaman pops everything
    8 Ele Shaman pops everything
    10 Healer Druid Tranq (needs BoP)
    12 AM1 Warrior CDs
    15 AM2
    16 Stack in PW:B1
    18 AM3 Smoke Bomb
    20 PW:B 2 Resto Shaman Pops Everything
    21 AM4 if you got a 4th paladin
    25ish stop shields completely

    this will get you into 27-28 easily, use a Balance Tranq (srsly OP CD, stronger than healers) a couple seconds after bats land (needs a bop too) and have everyone pop personal CDs, potions and shit and delete the bats, you should probably do a couple AoE Stuns on them too. You might need something for 4-5, dunno, I usually just Chi Burst there and its fine, but you dont have a MW, so maybe use one of the ferals or something. If you have good DPS, even if you screw up and dont get to the high 20 stacks its probably ok, just stack and transition him fast on your next stack phase and do the Cd rotation on the next stack phase.
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    Personal preference:

    starting at 5 (that's when the cries no longer gets faster, but simply remains at the same speed) chain your 4 devotion auras one after another (maxing usage = maxing dps).

    For actual cds:
    5: Ele tide+AG.
    7: Enh tide+AG.
    9: Warrior cds.
    11: Resto shaman tide+Ascendance.
    15: Resto druid tranq (BoP if needed).
    18: Boomkin tranq (BoP if no unending resolve).
    20: Stack up in a barrier.
    21: Feral druid tranq.
    24: SLT.

    Let the boss push.

    When bats land, you have these cds to use:
    5: Second resto druid tranq.
    7: Bats should land now. BoP your elemental shaman and let him AG+chain lightning. If you have any spriest, do the same (none in roster, but figure I'd say).
    9: Barrier on ranged group, smoke bomb on melee group.
    10: Moonkin tranq.
    12: Feral druid tranq.
    And this should pretty much have you exhausted unless you have P1 cds up again. Personally, we never saw the point of pushing the bat-phase any longer than we had to in order to kill the bats (about 15 stacks on progress), as you'll still end up with the enrage during the kite phase even if you don't go to 25+ (and it's only an extra 20 seconds or so of not kiting).

    In the ice phase comming after, you start off with the exact same cd rotation as phase 1, except when you reach 18 where the boomkin would tranq, you stack up and keep it going for as long as possible again (8 min cd ftl). In the fire phase comming last, you want to try and use one damage reduction cd every cry, and have the entire raid stacked up together and moving in a clockwise motion around the boss, while the tank is slowly rotating him (to not stand in fire). It's important to not let the raid fall sub 50% as it'll push the phase, so each cry should if at all possible have a dmg reduc cd up - during progress, we completly skipped using them (barriers, smokebombs, warrior cds) in the ice phase and just let it be shorter than we could, as it was more important to keep him in the fire phase for longer/harder to do so.
    Here's a link to our progress vid, you can hear CD calls etc:

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