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    Think Blizz will give us a Brawlers Guild Equlivent in WOD?

    I think they should.

    Really fun PVE aspect in the game. Especially when buddies ware watching you front and center.

    Timeless isle model doesn't account for the "So much to do" model that blizz did pretty damn well with in MOP.

    Gimmie more Brawlers guild.

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    Agree, funniest thing ever.

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    I certainly hope so. I really enjoyed the time I spent clearing Brawler's guild and have been hoping to see something about new bosses being added along with scaling so that the current bosses are still challenging at max level.

    I didn't even go in with any friends, just enjoyed chatting with the other people trying to get a few bosses done. Or just Hexos as I saw a few people who attempted him non-stop for hours.

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    I vaguely remember them mentioning that they wanted to because it turned out so well, but I don't have a link to any statements. I'd be kind of surprised if they didn't honestly, it's not that much work because they could just reuse the same places they currently have, all they'd have to do is make the bosses, but they don't require new skins or animations or anything, so it wouldn't be terribly hard to do. And they know people like it, so I think it'd be kind of silly of them to ignore it.

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    I certainly hope so. The Brawler's Guild is a fantastic way to gauge your skills and your gear, pushing you to really think outside the box sometimes (I've made a pact with myself to never look up a guide for a boss just because I can't beat him).

    Plus, I'm still hoping they eventually add an "invisible" Chest-piece for transmogging. It would open up a plethora of new Transmog-options, and also fit the theme of a "Brawler's Guild".

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    wouldn't surprise me if they just add some extra Brawlers Guild fights aimed for level 100 while leaving the current lvl 90 fights alone

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    Either way is fine--a new one or add bosses to the old one. I just like learning the encounters and getting them done. I've had almost as much fun with Brawler's Guild, Challenge Modes, and Proving Grounds as raiding, and that's a pretty big deal for me.

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    Sure, but spread it out a bit more next time.

    Have a number of 'pits' where fights are staged in each zone of Draenor. Thus there's more reason to go out and 'explore', more chances of World PvP (heck, might even be vaguely amusing to allow people queued up to fight each other on PvP Realms - but personally I'll pass on that), more variety and most importantly more then one fight can go on at a time meaning less waiting around!

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    Brawlers Guild in Garrisons please.
    As far as the guild in general I liked it, I also liked that it wasnt scaled down like Proving Grounds, I hated my rogue at 463, it was a horrible experience, not remotely fun to play.

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    I'd like to see them add a 'circuit' to the guild. Start off brawling in the basement of bars, or in a mud pit surrounded by boars. Work your way up to little outskirt arenas fighting to entertain farmers, peasants, and local nobility. Finally, receive a sponsorship to the 'big show' in a capital city, and then claw your way to the top.

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    I really hope we get more Brawler's Guild stuff. One of my favorite features of Mists.

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    I can see them dedicating an area from both Bladespire and Karabor for this. Bladespire would probably be open air again, while in Karabor it's hidden like the one in the Tram.
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    God, I hope not. The Brawler's Guild is gimmicky as all hell. There's nothing hard about it once you figure out the tomfoolery behind the thing you're fighting.
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Brittle Bones now has a 50% chance to turn the target into a purple-wearing supervillain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Facerockker View Post
    God, I hope not. The Brawler's Guild is gimmicky as all hell. There's nothing hard about it once you figure out the tomfoolery behind the thing you're fighting.
    That is how EVERY FIGHT works in the game, you understand the mechanics and kill it.... The only problem I see is that if I were to do it now in my gear itd be a joke, they should scale the fights up to ilvl would be my only requested change.

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    Hopefully they add a new arena rather than just adding them to the current ones.

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    It would be cool if there was a 'neutral' Brawler's Guild in WoD that needs be conquered first. When Horde conquers the arena (or the area around the arena) then only Horde can queue to fight. Or when Alliance does, then only Alliance may enter. Like a new Outland's Halaa in Nagrand. Ofcourse with a big bunch of cool rewards like mounts and pets so people will fight for it throughout the whole expansion.

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    Pretty sure they'll just add new bosses to the current system.

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    I really hope they do, they can be far more creative on a boss a single person fights than 25 people.

    It's a great system, trivial with gear, but thats the same for 90% of raid bosses also, so it's not a problem.

    I really enjoyed Brawlers.

    Some more interesting rewards would be good too, they could really expand it, they recycle some bosses, they could add 50 more pretty easy, all don't have to be like Hexx with this new crazy thing, a few more bruces doesn't hurt anyone for more content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tatahe View Post
    Agree, funniest thing ever.
    Absolutely hilarious

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    Well there is this Sparring Arena building in Garrisons that we know nothing about. I think it would be cool if it functioned like Brawler's Guild with the bosses being your own Followers!

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