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    28 11.76%
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    19 7.98%
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    20 8.40%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzen View Post
    Please tell me you're not talking about the 1% drop Garrosh ones. I don't think there is enough gold on my server to pay a guild to run you through SoO that many times for them.
    Besides, he wouldn't have to pay for Heroic (which should be a lot more expensive) since they also drop on Normal.
    (And the chances that everybody who wants them already has them isn't very good in any case)

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    "Time is money, friend"; all I've spent is time and a little gold on repairs. I'm not done with the look I've been after since transmog came out, but then like a lot of people I took a hiatus from the game. Not sure on shoulders, but the shoes I want are from a TBC heroic, so when I can be bothered I'll get them. I can't believe people spend hundreds of k on how they look. I didn't even know you could! Some serious gold-making (and spending)!

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    Not so much buying transmogs, but I spend roughly 1k on a normal day for transmog.

    Just changing it so frequently

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    No clue but soooooo much.

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    I'm too poor to afford those fancy and pretty T3 gear and pretty much everything in the black market

    sometimes however I don't mind spending +500g for one piece of green gear, the ones that drop from random npcs in particular.

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    most went to BMAH for t3 set pieces weven though i never go higher than 25k for a piece. also got for 6k cause i tought they fit better with my old t6 transmog gear than the t6 shoulders

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    I have spent very little on Transmog, probably less than 500g. I have only ever farmed for one item and that was Bryntroll from Lord Marrowgar which dropped on my 1st run.

    The way my character looks means little to me.

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    As of yet, I have not spent much gold on transmog. But I am prepared to throw 20k gold away for a boe plate leg atm. because I am having no luck farming it myself. ._.
    Besides that, most transmog sets I find or match myself are either BoP or easy to farm so I have had no reason to throw great piles of gold away.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jevlin View Post
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    Probably around 150k-400k, mainly because I am waaaay to poor to afford any major transmog items or BMAH items. Most of that is literally just the 200g cost from changing items every 2-3 days (or multiple times a day) for an entire expansion now. If I could afford items it would be well over 500k-1million though.

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    I've spent a lot of time on transmogs, but not a lot of gold. Probably less than 1k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orissan View Post
    Quite a bit, considering I purchased a CM gold run and a Garrosh kill because my guild will NEVER get those done with the current chaos. Those were around 70k together. And my DK is getting to work on Warrior Tier 3, at minimum shoulders, helm, maybe boots.
    But mostly time, almost everything I do is for it, be it farming a set from lower tiers or getting a mount / pet to match it (my rogue thanks you, Anzu).
    What's the point of money if you sit on it, what's the point of gear when it will be replaced in a patch or two, a Tmog set can be eternal.
    What server sells cm golds for under a hundred k?

    but on topic, far, far less then most. I farm out all my looks as I tend to find and stick with one until something considerably better comes along
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    Quote Originally Posted by FragmentedFaith View Post
    What server sells cm golds for under a hundred k?
    High-pop, well-progressed servers. It feels like one out of every five people on my server has their CM Gold set.

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    My Dreadnaught cost more than 400k on its own and I have 4 characters in full t3 + countless other transmog pieces on those chars and others so I have no idea how much I've spent in total tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denkou View Post
    High-pop, well-progressed servers. It feels like one out of every five people on my server has their CM Gold set.
    Yeah, it's kinda funny.
    On my low-pop server, the CM sets are still relatively rare. Now, when I get invited to a high-pop server, in comparison literally everyone and their mother has them.

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    About 1k (the costs for transmogging items) I haven't actually bought any transmog items if Tabard of Flame doesn't count, if it does then about 31k.

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    Very little. Actually, I've probably gotten far more gold from farming old raids for xmog gear than I've spent, so it's actually been a profitable venture for me.

    Then again, I just spent 60k on Challenge Modes. I'm not using the gear for xmog, but I didn't want to miss out on it and the title/FoS/mounts/etc. I'm sure I'll use pieces of the outfit eventually, so perhaps I've spent a ton on xmog!

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    If it's not farmable, I don't really bother with it. BMAH? To each his own but screw that!

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    Where are you folks getting all the gold? It could just be because I returned to the game so recently after a long hiatus, but I've not been over 20k in the last 3 months.

    Luckily all my transmog desires have been farmable myself, and being BoP I can't really cheat.
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