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    Reminds me of the time I accidentally got both Bindings of the Windseeker in one run while charitably offering a level 60 boost after they asked on trade... Sometimes karma 'aint a bitch!

    My mage loves her Thunderfury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas94 View Post
    I dunno... those flames seem to kill me everytime.

    "tank" them in the middle of the grate and they do not enrage, use all offensive cds and just blow them up basically :P
    You're a towel.

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    Raided BT during TBC, made near weekly groups for a good time during WOTLK, since Cataclysm came out I've done 55 runs (WOTLK runs before that are not recorded, many of my kill stats got messed up or disapeared completely with the Cataclysm patch, though achievements remained, but at a guess I'd say 60-70 kills). Started to solo it when MOP came out. I've got one Warglaive (main hand), and I've seen a second Main Hand drop, never seen an offhand. I got my main hand at mid-late Cataclysm and it was the first time I've even seen one drop in all the times I've done it.

    So yeah, well in excess of 100 kills total and I've seen 2 main hands, no offhands. RNG sucks, it really annoys me when I see people get them both within a few weeks, and I've seen it happen a fair bit.
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    Grats. I solo as fury with second wind. It's a lot easier now than it used to be. If you have trouble with RoS just make sure to pop shield wall, rallying cry, die by the sword and be in defensive stance and it becomes easy. I actually usually reck through it although sometimes can get myself into trouble that way XD.

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    well it's been about 40-50ish runs so far

    nothing yet

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    Talking about the devil lol

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    Yep, was boosting a 70 rogue on my monk for the MH Glaive. We got to Illidan, killed him on 2nd attempt and the OH glaive dropped, which I got since he already had it.
    Then I started to farm it weekly, after 7 weeks the MH dropped. I am a happy monk

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    I have the MH on my monk and the OH on my warrior, both only ran the place once. Oh, and I also got Thori'Dal on my monk on the first run in Sunwell, seems I have a ton of luck on old stuff.

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    Congratz on getting it man! Would like one as well, but cba to do it over and over again..

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    I thought for sure I would get the main hand twice (just because) but fate smiled upon me,and I got the off hand about 22-23 tries after the main. Glad to be done with BT...

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    My rogue got both warglaives in 5-6 kills.

    Plot twist: I already had a pair on another character (which took around a year to get) and the rogue wants the Cursed Vision of Sargeras, which hasn't dropped yet. RNG is RNG.
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    Gratz man, been trying for ages but got nothing.

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