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    Why do people hate Heart of Fear?

    Overall Tier 14 was a decent tier, not great like ToT but definitely not terrible. I've read a lot posts saying that Heart of Fear is the worst raid this expansion, but I don't understand why.

    From a healer PoV I thought it was awesome; the damage was well tuned so there was a lot to heal, and each boss had one or more fun mechanics to deal with; Imperial Vizier Zor'lok I consider to be far above average for a non-end boss despite his place in the instance. The instance isn't particularily stunning to look at but it isn't completely rehashed either so I consider that a minor issue. I personally thought that ToES was far worse than Heart of Fear; sure the instance looked really good, but 3 out of the 4 bosses were below average (one of them being completely terrible), the only decent boss (imo) was Tsulong and I can't imagine it was very fun for non-healers.

    What are your opinions on it?
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    It was the biggest pain of the 3 on LFR, that's for sure.

    I liked it fine, myself- don't really have any bad associations with it.

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    Only bad thing as a paladin was that devotion aura was completely useless

    Other than that I loved that instance. Was really unique
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    Here's a few reasons why I personally don't like Heart of Fear.

    1. You spend a whole zone fighting the Mantid, and the story build up with the Klaxxi seems to just drop off story wise once you enter the raid. It's just no body mantid guys dying at your feet one after another until the Empress.
    2. It looks pretty ugly in there, doesn't have anything interesting or epic looking about it. AQ had tons of interesting things, so did AN dungeons, this didn't.
    3. Fights were annoying! The only fight that was interesting was Empress, the rest is just having one player screw over the whole raid with them being dumb.
    4. Trash that's harder than the bosses, yeah that's always fun.
    5. Only 6 bosses in a raid is lame and underwhelming. I know it was split with Terrace, but still I want my raids to have at least 10 bosses in them, or one mega one.

    That's all I got, anyone agree or disagree?

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    The charm of the amber-and-green wore off quickly for our group. It became dull as crap, too much amber and some very gimmicky fights just became a mess.

    Grand Vizier Zorlok is an amazing fight from my own PoV, but I'm used to playing some shmups here and there. The problem came crawling in when terribad guildies made excuses like "lag killed me".
    Wind Lord is a decent fight, but same "lag" thing applies. In some places I agree, WoW with its unclear hitboxes is not fit for shmupping. P1 is a good solid fight, P2 becomes the same "laggy" mess people managed to make so many excuses for you couldn't count it on your hands.
    Garalon was broken.
    Amber Shaper not only had so many abilities with "amber" in them, they became indistinguishable from other "amber" stuff at some points. You ended up getting pulled out of the game and immersion, forcing yourself to call your Amber Construct your "vehicle", your abilities by their numbers "1 2 3 4" and skip the word Amber for every other ability. Might aswell have called him Shaper Unsok, would skip us the extra word.
    Empress was a decent fight, but broken for hunters.
    Oh, you're a hunter? Good for you, you don't have to do ANYTHING in the entire fight! Just stand still and shoot! At least I topped the meters while laughing at the other plebs who needed healing.

    I praise the raid tier, but only MSV gets my thumbs up as a raid in itself. If the boss design was dragged to the other raids it could probably have been better. But these mantid fellas didn't work out too well in the same raid instance.

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    It wasn't a terrible raid tier. I just didn't like the late opening of it. Not to mention people being dumb and dying to double attenuation.

    But that aside, it wasn't terrible. I just thought Blade Lord should have had the name Wind Lord and vice versa. Considering Blade Lord used more wind abilities than anything and then Wind Lord used more blade abilities... but I digress.

    Not to mention Amber Shaper was a road block for a lot of guilds if I remember correctly. Could be bad memories.

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    I just thought Blade Lord should have had the name Wind Lord and vice versa. Considering Blade Lord used more wind abilities than anything and then Wind Lord used more blade abilities... but I digress.
    I swear Blizzard did that on purpose just to troll people.

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    it wasn't bad but a few fights were annoying:

    Tayak. Screw the cyclones (this is likely just me as I hate loss of control mechanics and spawning wind right on top of you at the end).

    Garalon. Not hard as long as you can pass pheromones from one to the next. Really helped when you explained to people that they wanted to kill the legs inside the circle but avoid Crush.

    Ambershaper - the transform mechanic was fucked up. I once saw it get our best healer 3x in a row. In 10 man so we only had two healers. Too, it would sometimes skip people for entire resets so some people would not get transformed for 2 or 3 weeks and they'd just forget WTF to do. That fight would have been a lot more fun if they'd used a mechanic where you had to transform someone but it was selectable by the raid (click an orb and it transforms the clicker else the orb explodes and wipes the raid, rebuff the clicker so you have to at least alternate for example).
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    Heroic Vizier might be a problem. The first boss on heroic was a nightmare.

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    Too many gimmicks for a small raid.

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    I liked HoF, didn't like MSV.
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    I think atmosphere is a very important factor. If Heart of Fear had the same architecture and trash/boss mechanics, but different visuals and NPCs, it would have been far more enjoyable. As it is, it's too alien, to the point of being off-putting. Same problem that Ahn'Qiraj had.
    It's no coincidence that the most popular raids (Karazhan, Ulduar) have great atmosphere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuesday the paladin View Post
    Too many gimmicks for a small raid.
    This exactly. The bosses were basically gimmick after gimmick.

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    Personally, I agree OP. I thought ToES was garbage except the first two bosses, only fight I didn't like in HoF was Amber Shaper, otherwise I greatly enjoyed it.

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    One thing I will not miss about Mists of Pandaria are those stupid grasshoppers.

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    Throne of Thunder > Siege of Ogrimar > Terrace of the Endless Spring > Heart of Fear > Mogushan Vaults

    The biggest pve success I have to say are the world bosses. They are awesome, and it's fun to get a giant party together to take them down. Oondasta is my fav.

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    A terribly boring aesthetic, homogeneous models, and lack of personality is why I didn't like HoF much. Combine that with the fact that giant bugs don't really make for compelling raid bosses and I'd have to say that the HoF aesthetic was probably the worst of any raid, ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullettime View Post
    This exactly. The bosses were basically gimmick after gimmick.
    I always see this word, gimmick, and it's like people get mad about having to play a video game. What do people want? A training dummy?

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    I disliked it because you spent a lot of time with the klaxxi and they are nowhere to be found in the raid. Also the amber theme got pretty old and the color scheme wasn't very appealing. The bosses were gimmicky for the most part and when it was current content in LFR it was a nightmare to do things there with alts.
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    Day one LFR Garalon. 'nuff said. Plus the only interesting bosses were Garalon and Empress. The others....I can't even remember which is which, they're than unmemorable. Plus where the hell were the Klaxxi? I thought they wanted to destroy the Empress, but they don't even stand at the entrance. Lazy bastards, and they end up betraying us and get their asses killed which rendered the whole zone and raid pointless since they go extinct anyway.

    At least Mogu'shan Vaults had the weekly-changing Stone Guard (for 10 man), Dancin' Feng (if you counter one of his moves, his animation bugs and makes him appear to dance briefly), Gara'jal the Asshole (my guild had trouble beating his tight enrage early on), The Four Kings (I liked their personalities and Cho's narration in the pre-boss trash), Elegon (draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawing from reserve POOOOWEERRR!!!), and Will of the Emperor (possibly the only "enemy rush" boss I know of). Complete with everyone's favourite narrator/accidental boss activator: Lorewalker Cho!

    Plus Terrace was awesome, but until they patched it (because HoF was the attunement for Terrace), you couldn't have dessert (Terrace) until you ate your mushy flavourless greens (Heart of Fear).
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