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    I never completed it on normal, I was on a break then. In LFR it was one of the more painful ones for sure

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    Terribly bland and dark aesthetics throughout the entire raid and a race of bugs that wane in comparison to the Qiraji.

    As far as the actual heroic boss fights go, I enjoyed all except for Amber-Shaper. However, I tend to not like fights which turn you into a vehicle of sorts and give you limited abilities.
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    Most of the heroic fights in that tier went live with serious bugs or exploits, but yeah, the difficulty curve was all over the place. Bugs/exploits aside, the curve was like this

    Vizier - Very overtuned for the entry boss
    Blade Lord - Good (soak mechanic could have been better choreographed, but a terrific P2)
    Garalon - Overtuned for a 3rd boss, but guilds cheesed it initially with cleave mechanics
    Wind Lord - Good (those Wind Bomb rages =p)
    Amber Shaper - Mess of a fight, Teron Gorefiend 2.0 with the vehicle bar, though a pro tank that could keep stacks up on both made it easier, or abusing the exploits, fight didn't pan out like Blizzard intended at all
    Grand Empress - Excessive healing requirements, but if you had that the fight was great for an end boss, though the heroic mechanic in the final phase didn't seem to do anything

    So 2 bosses turned out good, 1 is passable, and then 3 overtuned/super buggy encounters

    The loot wasn't even that great either. You had TOES right after, and everything in there was easier and dropped weapons tier and trinkets. 496 loot also dropped from the world bosses, but yeah, Galleon was a nightmare with taunt resetting and long spawn times.

    TLDR: Bugs (no pun intended) and tuning. MSV turned out tougher than intended too. Hopefully the starter raid (Highmaul) will serve its purpose this time. Also hoping we have time to kill it more than a few times, as T15 came out too quickly. 90 charms/week for the weekly and getting no time at all for farm status was super burnout.
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    I loved HoF, personally. Garalon was poorly designed but overall the raid was pretty good.

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    A better expansion.
    I loved heart of fear other than Amber Shaper (and Vizer until they fucking fixed him >.>) Trash is rather annoying tho.

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    I didn't mind it to much during progression. But for farm it was very boring... And on lfr it was just a troll fest.

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    Amber Shaper is my number one problem with HoF. Pugs just can't seem to handle the vehicle mechanic, despite the fact that it's incredibly simple. You could explain every little detail of how to handle it (You can't interrupt the mini-boss while you're in the middle of casting your own explosion, for instance) and people will still ALWAYS fuck it up.

    The first boss was annoying, too, but becomes significantly less so in SoO gear.

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    I don't know what it is with HoF and ToES.. But those two have always had an extreme sedating effect on me. I had a hard time, every time I got there, not to fall asleep. And a few times I was damned close lol
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    I love Heart of Fear. Particularly wing 1. I think it is a great place to bring in people new to raiding and see how they do at handling mechanics. The mechanics are very clear yet deadly. Will quickly point out those that have good raid awareness vs those that do not.

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    Heroic Garalon and Heroic Vizier being grossly overtuned from the get-go. Heroic Blade Lord only adding in one new simple mechanic. Bringing 20 healers to do Heroic empress. It was arguably the most disappointing set of bosses this expansion. Heroic Amber was a cool idea, impossible to pug even months after t15 release though.

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    Aesthetically, 4 of 6 bosses and their rooms looked identical basically.

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    the only thing i disliked about the boss was my raid teams inability to pretend like they hadn't had an experimental surgery to have their brains replaced with a baked potato. lots of good mechanical fights imo.

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    Bland looking unlike AQ and AN which were both epic looking. Lore wise no involvement of the Klaxxi after you spend all that time helping them. All the bosses were just random bugs that all looked the same as each other for the most part. The whole Tier lore wise was just crap and throw together. It blows my mind how bad it was compared to ToT that's for sure.

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    - Bugs. People hate bugs, even killing bugs. See: Ahn'Qiraj.
    - Vizier is annoying on heroic. Final phase is a tremendous clusterfuck.
    - Blade Lord isn't exactly a brilliant encounter. Very boring.
    - Garalon is one of the worst encounters this expansion.
    - Wind Lord was a good boss, no complaints.
    - Amber Shaper Heroic is one of the single worst designed bosses in history.
    - Empress was fine, no complaints.

    So basically, bugs, Garalon, and Amber Shaper. That's why people hate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haywire5714 View Post
    ...not great like ToT
    I quit reading there.

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    "If you are in that amber construct, interupt that spell. Not the other"
    aaaand wipe.

    Yeah, Ambershaper heroic was a pain in the ass for someone like me, nervous sitting there, knowing, that pushing the button at the wrong time i can wipe the whole raid. The fact, that 90% of the raid looked like they feared the same didn't make it better - in the end we got our kill, but if the lead asked at later kills "anyone who don't need anything and can pass for xy?".. you could see 10 raised hands
    The whole bugs, bugs everywhere feeling wasn't mine for sure, I was glad, when I got my last achievement in there and ever since then, I was just inside in LFR mode for sigils (alts- Garalon definitly is fun in LFR). If guild mates would ask, I would help, but never ever initiate a HoF raid by myself >_<

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    I hated Heart of Fear. I hated the Mantid, the Art Style, the colours and the overall theme. As a raid, it has a few interesting mechanics, so I can't fault it there, but visually, it didn't appeal to me.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    I personally liked Heart of Fear but there were several things that left a sour taste in my mouth when it first came out (and subsequently got hotfixed):

    1. Imperial Vizier Zorlok was disgustingly over-tuned when it got released, the first boss in the raid was the hardest heroic boss until the 5th.
    2. Garalon was disgustingly over-tuned for LFR and made completing Wing 1 impossible (I don't think Determination was in the game at this point either).
    3. Grand Empress, although an amazing encounter, was influenced way too much by raid composition.

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    I just have a general dislike for bug-themed raids. It's not a huge dislike, but a dislike nonetheless, enough to make them rank lower than worse raids for me.

    At least it did look a bit better than Ahn'qiraj. Not that it changed much for me, though.
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    I liked it. Alot! The theme was kinda cruel, with the spiked Mantid at the very beginning. It was hard, hell ya. I didn't clear the normal version with my raid. I only cleared it, when it went Cross Realm with a bunch of people I played with in a progression raid on another server.

    What left a bad taste in my mouth were the LfR Garalon experiences I had to endure.

    I liked it even more than ToT.


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