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    Question RP newbie: where does RP take place?

    I think I've had a fundamental misunderstanding about how most people RP in WoW. I thought RP players inserted RP elements into normal game play - questing, instances, PvP, etc. So I was disappointed when I quested and grouped on RP realms and it felt like any other server - we just played the game and killed stuff. There were no RP element at all.

    I now think my expectation was off base. It seems like the RP happens completely out of combat. Players go to an Inn or world location and create RP through dialogue and playing off each other's stories. Then when they decide to go run a raid they just focus on the traditional gameplay.

    This is why I never saw character development and immersion on RP realms - I was looking in the wrong place.

    Does that seem right?

    Thanks for an advice.

    PS: I also learned to keep my lore straight. I accidentally made Tolkien lore references in WoW because I was caught up in the discussion. I confused my Sin'dorei with my Children of Ilúvatar - BIG mistake

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    Yeah, my experience is usually that you'll find more RP in cities and inns / towns that are closer to capitals. Dungeons, questing, and areas that are rather out-there aren't places to find spontaneous RP.

    And yeah, keeping to the universe's lore is sorta important haha.

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    Well, I can only speak for the US, but I find Moon guard (alliance) and wyrmrest Accord (horde) offer the best RP. And no, it's not usually in gameplay.

    Though I find WRA is much better for finding roleplayers who aren't just trying to get laid. (I think it's just because no one wants to flirt with an ugly undead)

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    Goldshire inn.

    This is a serious advice thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Skye View Post
    Goldshire inn.
    Just to note, Mash, this post is a joke. Goldshire Inn is a place infested with ERPers. Do NOT go there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandapuncher View Post
    (I think it's just because no one wants to flirt with an ugly undead)
    You would, unfortunately, be surprised... The nightmares. ><

    OnT: Wyrmrest Accord is definitely a good bastion for Horde RP, and while I haven't been to Moon Guard in quite some time, I've definitely heard it's a good place for Alliance RP. (Assuming you avoid Goldshire.)

    In terms of areas, towns and cities are the best place to go looking for it. If you have a group of friends, feel free to mesh it into the gameplay some cause it's fun as well. But when it comes to a random group, it's best to avoid it because pople will just get upset that you're making something take a few seconds longer. Ridiculous, I know, but unfortunately the truth.

    (That said if you want an RP buddy OP, I've been meaning to try to get back into RP lately, so hit me up with a PM if you wanna RP and level some. )
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    I believe there's also some RP going on in Gilneas. Or so I've seen on a livestream.

    Basically you make a raid group, find players and split roles. I myself have no experience, but again I saw it on a livestream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mister Madgod View Post
    Just to note, Mash, this post is a joke. Goldshire Inn is a place infested with ERPers. Do NOT go there.
    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa lol. "Goldshire Inn" is actually a pretty legitimate place to find Roleplay. He didn't even specify a server like "Moonguard".
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    Sometimes guilds will clash and you will get some delicious RP combat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delicousaids View Post
    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa lol. "Goldshire Inn" is actually a pretty legitimate place to find Roleplay. He didn't even specify a server like "Moonguard". There was NO reason to infract his post at all.

    Edit: Even if it was supposed to be a joke about Moonguard Goldshire, it's a harmless joke that would just induct the OP into the humorous, insane world of Goldshire Moonguard. Either way, infracting this post was horribly unfair.
    Argent Dawn also is like Moonguard in terms of Goldshire. Its the EU Moonguard.

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    Best bet, usually rp realms have active forums. Like moon guard and Wyrmrest accord. Those two realms are the big rp realms of US. The other realms have rp in it, but to a lesser degree. Last time I checked Blackwaters raider was a ghost town and had little rp. Back before the realm connections.

    Also some advisement: Moon guard is known for having use of a lot of fanon. They follow lore to a degree. expect proxying and things like that.
    Moon guard hosts quite a big blood elf population. Three big name guilds. Sunguard, Fireborne, and dawnfury concordant. if your from moon guard, and horde. RP is harder to find and relies more on guilds and knowing people.
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    Story short: Goldshire and Silvermoon City.

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    I've pretty much relied on silvermoon city, but that does mean blood elves blood elves blood elves, all the time.

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    Ya its mostly out of combat. Goldeshire has a mix of normal RP and other things. Im on Wyrmrest-Horde i was running through Brill and group of Forsaken were sitting there talking about world events. Most of it i see takes place in Silvermoon. Havent seen it anywhere in heavy populated areas, like in Pandaira.

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    Oh your gonna see (if you have my roleplay addon) obnoxius characters. Like i saw the Lich king's consort and claimed the cannon kill.

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    I really miss an add-on I used to have (I know the person who created it and they just couldn't keep up with it due to RL) and the replacement, which she still helped with, just didn't seem as intuitive.

    Anyway, you could type a multitude of things into the add-on for auto-RP comments in combat. So you could have 6 phrases to say when you dodged, got a crit, etc. and it would choose them at random. You could also set how often it triggered, so 10% of the time you dodged, it would say something or 100% of the time your taunt failed, you could have it announce it.

    I saw RP trigger a bit more during dungeons and raids, just comments and remarks from others, that made it feel more like a group adventuring through the dungeon.

    Our main tank in BC had a good one for his taunt failing. It was something lame like the old "your mom wears combat boots" followed by "Crap, my BEST TAUNT failed!"

    As a hunter, I wasn't in position to have to dodge often, but I had a dodge comment stolen from TMNT: "Good thing these guys aren't lumberjacks. The only thing safe in the woods would be the trees!"

    I miss that addon.
    Feathermoon was one of the more active RP servers once upon a time, but I think most of the RPers moved to Moonguard and Wyrmrest over time.
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    A majority of my RP takes place outside the game itself. Public events where multiple people are involved are in game, but a great deal (for me) occurs either through gtalk, email, or forums. This is largely because I work a fair bit, and it's easier for me to RP without the game running (or RP'ing while doing something practical in game, like raids or dailies).

    I'm not a huge fan of some random Gnome named "Anklebitekillzz" jumped around every five minutes when I'm trying to RP, either. It's just not practical to add someone to ignore list several times a day.

    9 times out of 10, RP with people you know, in a less public place, is better than random public RP.
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    Best RP is to get some friends and play Pen N Paper WoW

    Also, good RP can be found on a decent private server. Unfortunately last time I checked the list of private servers there was one dedicated to people with a diaper fetish. I mean . . . what?
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