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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandapuncher View Post
    You know what else flies over landscapes, taxis
    You know what doesn't stop on a whim so if you see something interesting you can check it out? Taxis.

    I voted other, however. The raider part of me would love an instant travel system so I could get where I needed to be instantly, the other part of me says no because terrible flightpaths are great for restroom/food breaks in between character leveling.

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    Honestly, flying WILL come to WOD..they opened Pandora's box already, you cant close it. I would love to see the amount of forum tough guys defending the removal of flying who actually aren't a bunch of hippocrits and don't use flying in MoP except to get to the places inaccessible otherwise, my guess is 0%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandapuncher View Post
    You know what else flies over landscapes, taxis
    Seriously, people wanting static and pre-determined flying above the FREEDOM of flying at your own whim just baffles me...I'll take being able to fly and explore as I wish, stop and start on MY terms, over boring taxis anytime.
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    How miserable is your life to be posting on a fansite for a game that you hate/hate the ideals of?
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    No wonder everyone is pissed. We have about a hundred different crowds that say ground mounts are best, ground mounts suck, flying is more immersive, ground mounts are more immersive, flying is too convenient, some the complain they won't be able to compete with other players in gathering because lack of flying(Which makes not a singular amount of sense), one group wants to just num lock to their destination, one group that views flight paths as boring, one that calls flying boring, Jesus fuck, how the hell does Blizzard appeal to all these people(Who claim they will drop their subscription the moment "their" game doesn't match their expectations). I suppose change/mixing things up is the bane of players. People will threaten to quit if they introduce flying in 6.1 I assume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Blizzard has removed flying for at least the first major tier of WoD. We all know that. Several people complained about this, but most are in favor to have this change, and also most want it for the entire expansion.

    That being said, what if they implemented a fast travel, or instant travel system? So as long as you got the "waypoint" in that zone, or "waypoints" you could instantly portal there (with a short cast time) from where you were based off the map, paying a little gold in the process?

    Kinda like how Diablo 3 works with the bounty system. You can pretty much teleport to any waypoint, or player that you choose. But in WoW you would have to discover the waypoint first, or perhaps they could do a little quest event to unlock each new waypoint you encounter.

    You would still have your mounts, and you could still travel with them (on the ground) if you so choosed, but you could take the convenient way through fast travel if you wanted as well.

    Don't get why everyone so crazy about flying. What is wrong with actually having to explore the open world, thought that was why it's called an MMO? Whole reason of open world is to explore, if you could just teleport or fly to the exact location all the time, why bother making large zones in the first place?

    Personally I hope they remove flying altogether at this point, it was fine back when you actually had to level cap to be able to fly but since all the nerfing and making everything so available at lower levels it's become irrelevant in more ways than one.

    As to the instant teleport thing, that's why you have this thing in your bag called a hearthstone, hell you even got cloaks and other items now ingame that let you teleport around other places, zones and maps even including the ye old mage portal.

    But hey as usual no doubt all the whiners will get their way and once again blizzard will back down again and again.

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    I know a lot of people hate flight paths, especially when they link terribly, but I love them because it means I can walk away and get a drink, etc. There is enough instant travel in the game. More would make the world smaller. If anything, there should be more immersive, actual travel time methods (like waiting for boats, the cart on the Wandering Isle, those random rockets while leveling that take you to new quest zones,etc)

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