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    Question Does your guild extend?

    My guild is extending to kill the last few bosses of Siege of Orgrimmar.

    Where do you stand on guilds using extend? What do you do if you still need gear off earlier bosses?
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    Well I know we are going to extend our lockouts once we get to the last few bosses, we are now 8/14hm after 3 weeks so we are pushing through pretty quickly.

    I like the idea of extending the lockout, helps us get to our goal before 6.0 hits(I hope) and all that jazz.

    I know I need some more gear from earlier bosses, but I'm not worried about it. Other people might be though, I don't care for loot all that much! I just wanna kill bosses and get ready for Warlords at this point.

    If it's a big problem for more than say, 5 people I'd probably rotate extending the lockout every other week. That way people still get a chance for what they need, and you still get bosses down faster.

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    Lot of factors really, but mostly depending on the amount of hours in your raid week, one can usually make a case for extending after Heroic Paragons 25 is dead to finish off Garrosh, but that's about it. That aside, the first 8 in SoO Heroic are fast and easy enough that I wouldn't recommend it in most cases
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    We focused really hard on improving our farm, so as a 3 night guild we can clear 11 or 12/14 Heroic in our first night and work paragons the second and third night. We will likely extend once we have 2 or 3 paragons kills.

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    Not a fan of extending. Could be fine if killing the first bosses is a stretch for you and all you want is to finish the tier, however that would be unlikely when you have problems with the other bosses. When you can kill them reasonably fast, then there shouldn't be an issue with doing them anyway - unless the loot isn't needed or you are heavily limited on your raiding hours (as in can't really kill them faster than running out of time).

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    Extended once before the first Normal garrosh kill.
    Probably going without extension, due to need of gear, till heroics.

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    you shouldnt even consider extending until you at the very least kill heroic siegecrafter. personally id recommend waiting until you kill paragons and then extending forever until you kill garrosh

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    When we got quite deep into the instance (spoils) we started to reset every second week. It felt like the best use of our time and the ratio of killing farm to progressing new bosses seemed about ideal.

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    You should never extend indefinitely. More gear always makes everything easier. Even just a few pieces will have a noticeable impact on both new bosses and future farm clears.

    If you're in a guild that raids on a light schedule (<6 h/w), you're in a rough spot where farming an instance this large really cuts into progression time. In this case, extending every other week so you have a farm week and a progress week is probably the best course of action.

    If you raid more than 6 hours per week, you should rarely extend because that should be more than enough time to farm and put in some good progress. Most 14/14H guilds clear the entire place in less time than that.

    The people saying to extend forever once you kill Paragons are high. Garrosh is the harshest gear check in the raid, and more gear just makes him easier and easier. The mechanics are already easy. You don't need reps, you need gear.

    If you're just extending week after week, you're not doing yourself any favors.

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    If your raid is in the 577-578ish area, you should probably start extending. If you raid like 12+ hours then you might not need to as much if you really need like 578-580 raiders for the last few bosses (I imagine you would if you're raiding that much and haven't cleared by now).

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    If you're 575+ on Garrosh I think pulls matter more than gear - you're getting very little gear each week anyway. The way to look at it is this: Will 4 hours of farm cut more than 4 hours from progression? Sub in however many hours it takes you to farm, but 4 hours for a guild working on Garrosh is about right (depending on how many fuckups you have along the way).

    I'd say if you raid under 16 hours/week then extending once on the last boss of a tier is almost always going to be the way to go (unless theres some monstrously tight dps check like Spine of Deathwing, but there isn't here).

    We extended From Paragons kill until Garrosh died this tier, and it was definitely a worthwhile decision (US #21 Paragons, US #15 Garrosh).
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    We raid 6 hours a week. Extending from time to time is practically a given if we want to get anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    If you're just extending week after week, you're not doing yourself any favors.
    From personal experience, if we do farm it needs to die in one raid or else there will be almost 0 focus left for Garrosh if half the second raid was spent killing Paragons. Also we've done several farm raids and gotten like, one small small upgrade for our entire roster, which for us wouldn't help more than an extra 4+ hours of progress.

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    If you're at 574+ average ilvl, extend. Otherwise, you still have significant gear upgrades available. Garrosh is largely a gear check, so extra gear is definitely valuable. At some point, you are hoping for HWF and those last couple pieces, and that extra gear isn't worth the hours it takes to reclear.
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    I would say if you are raiding for lets say 8 hours per week 2 x 4 hours i would extend the raid the first day to try progress on the boss and then the use the last day to get back up to where you were (in case of garrosh) and then use whatever hours left to bash your head against him.

    If raiding more than that i would say only extend if the previous bosses don't give any upgrades
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    We don't ever extend.The dps loss from not doing a reclear during progression is massive.

    However,its been months since SoO has been released and by now I'd expect your members to miss really few items from early bosses. You could do a spreadsheet to see exactly what else you could possibly add from those bosses, but I don't think its going to be much. So from this PoV, extend as soon as you kill Siegecrafter.

    There are positive/negative aspects to doing this. It can be extremely positive to kill Garrosh faster giving you a boost to recruitment going into Mythic WoD. It can be extremely negative(your guild might die) if you kill Garrosh and you have some people who were on the kill simply quit(OMG GAME FINISHED) and you find yourselves unable to field a raid/clear SoO anymore.

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    My old guild has been extending on Garrosh since the start of Feb, crazy. So there's been 4-5 people who haven't raided in 2 months just because the raid leader decides to keep extending. They then recruited replacements who haven't even killed Siege or Paragons, including a rogue who's BiS Trinket is off Siege. I left at 300 wipes so they must be up to around 600 now.

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    Hehe... hehe... you said extend...
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    My guild started extending as we got close to killing Blackfuse. Now that we are on Paragons we have been extending more often.

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    10 man and 7h/week
    Hoping for those last missing pieces and WF in 10 man is frustrating

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