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    pet buttons keybinds

    having a pet seems to be additional trouble. more buttons to press or click.
    how and what do u keybind ? attack command only or something else aswell ?

    i always tried to avoid pet classes due to additional buttons.

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    Bind /petattack to various key abilities, depending on your spec. Macro rabid with key DPS CD's, or leave it on autocast if you really want. Leave its basic attack on auto-cast, and turn off everything else unless you need the buff. I'd bind dash somewhere, as you need to activate it for a couple of fights (Thok comes to mind). Also binding passive/assist to be able to toggle between them easier would be helpful... Something I'm yet to do myself :P

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    I feel it's a must to get the most out of pet classes. I use the same binding on my lock and hunter. Shift mouse wheel up - pet attack, shift mouse wheel down - pet follow, shift mouse 4 (forward most side button) - pet assist, shift mouse 5 (back side button) - pet passive. Like anything after a while you don't even think about.

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    I'm assuming you just mean movement and targeting? I use two main macros:



    I remove the /petassist on certain fights where I dont want my pet swapping targets.

    I also have

    /petattack [@pettarget,noexists]

    bound into most of my key abilities.

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    you have to use macros if you want to keybind them

    for example:

    /cast [@player] roar of sacrifice

    is what I use in pvp and it's bound to shift+F

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