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    Tank class with worst reputation.

    **Wasn't sure if this was the right place to put this question or not.**

    Hey guys, been away since mid WotLK. Starting fresh because I gave my account to my nephew.... long story. I played a Frost Tank back then, I haven't kept up with updates to the game at all, but logged on and saw my old Frost DK wasn't an option anymore lol, yeah, got flamed in game when I asked what happened to the Frost DK as you can imagine.

    But anyways, got to thinking about the tank class I want to play, which tank has the worst Rep? What I mean by that is a healer joins a group and is a like "Oh crap, it's a ______", he better know how to play his class." If I remember right, Druids kind of had that stereotype back when I played last because everyone thought they were bad, but were pleasantly surprised when someone knew how to play them.

    ANyways thanks. Wierd being back into MMO gaming, especially one that has so many good memories for me.

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    I'd say brewmaster monks.

    Bad brewmasters cause nightmares to healers while good ones make their panties wet.

    They got a lot of stuff to monitor like Shuffle, Elusive Brew stacks and Stagger which makes them little bit hard for inexperienced tanks.

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    It really depends a lot on which community you ask. The average player will most likely have bad experiences with Brewmaster monks because their skill floor is by far the highest. A badly played Brewmaster monk will barely come out of LFR alive with even the best healers in the world.

    That said, in the Heroic raiding community, it is my experience that certain classes have a worse rep than others. Worthwhile (that is to say, 75th percentile, does simDPS kind of players) warlocks, warriors and hunters are very, very hard to come by, because the skill floor is depressingly low. You can do enough DPS on every one of these classes, even if you fail at the fundamentals, to kill 9-10, maybe even 11 heroic bosses. In terms of tanks, Prot paladins have probably the worst reputation. The skill floor is depressingly low, and you can easily be carried to an almost full tier clear whilst almost AFK on a paladin, so long as your healers are competent.

    That is not, by any means, to say that paladins are the easiest tank class (we arguably have the highest skill ceiling) - simply that we are so easy to do the bare minimum with that awful players can kill bosses they would never kill behind the wheel of any other tank class.

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    I play a brewmaster as main so my vote would be Brewmaster I have seen the " oh no not a monk" and after i've learned the class I've also had a lot of healers compliment me for not taking as much damage as others. Personal experience tho

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    A blood Elf DK or Paladin tank.

    I don't know what it is but the worst players in groups I get stuck with are a blood elf of some description.

    In Wrath I can't count the number of poorly equipped dual wielding Blood tanks I came across. I have no idea why they were always blood elves.
    In cata I frequently came across blood elf ret paladins and blood elf DKs who had Zinrokh (and I didn't, curse you archaeology RNG) who were doing so little damage you would have to assume they were trying to do it, since just auto attacking would be more damage than they were actually doing. Again I have no idea why these people were always a Blood Elf. It made me sad that they had what was my BIS weapon and were doing so little DPS with it.
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    Druids and Death Knights. I think most of my prejudice is down to the Druid toolkit for 5 mans in TBC as well as their AoE potential while levelling. Death Knights because of "every spec can tank" during WotLK.
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    without a doubt death knights

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    Only tanking specs I've heard people complain about in Mists are Druids and Monks. If not played right druids seem to have trouble with threat (just a report, I've not seen it since I co tank with a DK and I tank in heroics on my Pally) and Brew masters have that "if any buff falls off I go boom" tanking style.

    I'll agree with Praisethesun though. Paladins have so much self healing, especially on anything that hits moderately hard, that even a poorly played Pally can be less of a stress on a healer than any other tanking class. SoL ticks heal for 50k+ a hit (seen it as high as 85k on Thok), if they run EF (like they should but not a certainty) that ticks for about 100-125k, not counting the inital heal. Those two combined, in 5 man content, will mean that if a healer keeps a running HoT on them they may not need any more direct heals. In raids it gets even better with the increase in vengeance.

    Well played pally are near self-sufficient though, in the 85%+ range, if not completely so, excluding boss specials.

    A poor pally tank can survive a raid wipe for 15-20 seconds. A good or excellent pally tank can survive everyone else in the raid dying and whittle the last 10% of the bosses health down themselves, unless they hit the enrage timer.

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    DKs. Is this even a topic to discuss?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly33 View Post
    DKs. Is this even a topic to discuss?
    Hehe, for me it is, I'm so far removed from the game.

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    I've been a DK tank throughout all of Cata and most of MoP and no one told me: Omg its a DK tank. He sure will suck... Well maybe a few times but I must admit I was new to DKs back then. Later on in Cata I didn't see a person telling me that. Anyway, I'd say brewmaster atm.

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    Death Knights, definitely.
    I'd comment on Monk tanks but I can't remember the last time I actually saw one.
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    Dk for sure.

    When I have a douchebag tank with me in LFR, it's usually a DK, sure I've had some great DK's and I've had douchebags of the other classes, but the majority of the time, when I have an Co-tank that makes me want to stop playing LFR, it's a DK, usually Tauren.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallahadd View Post
    Dk for sure.

    When I have a douchebag tank with me in LFR, it's usually a DK, sure I've had some great DK's and I've had douchebags of the other classes, but the majority of the time, when I have an Co-tank that makes me want to stop playing LFR, it's a DK, usually Tauren.
    Or Blood Elf/Human. I just don't understand why so many people hate DKs... There are some really good dks out there.

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    DKs have gotten to the point where if you know how to press death strike, you'll be ok in LFR/flexes.

    Had a 568 Disc Priest leave a normal group after I died a few times on Shaman trash because he insisted that "Monk tanks need dedicated healers and I can't heal the raid and the tanks" when I was in a group on my 545 monk alt. 3 of my 4 deaths had zero heals from the Priest over a 5+ second period.

    I've come across quite a few BM tanks who have like sub 30% uptime on shuffle, though.

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    Wow, never thought DK's would be disliked. Well, between a druid, dk and Monk then. I just like going against stereotypes if you know what i mean. Since my last toon was a DK, I might just choose between a Druid and Monk.

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    DK / Monk both, similar to others. Praisethesun did a very good description.
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    I'd think druids... considering they were really rare this whole expansion (from what I saw). In fact, I do not think I saw a bear tank until ToT :O

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    as a healer, no class in particular makes me dread entering the group. what makes me dread the run is if they are horribly geared. we had a tank enter LFR on the dark shamans, warrior tank, dude had about a 460 ilvl with a couple dps pieces on and a couple pvp pieces. he had offset pieces that boosted his ilvl up so he could enter, and freely admitted to it followed by a "but I was honest?" when I stated we should kick him.

    or the 460 ilvl monk tank in a flex run I ran with a friend. it was a guild run and the guy was in their guild, but nobody seemed to care that he couldn't even be arsed to get timeless gear to tank. he seemed like a competent tank (either that or my dang hots on my druid are just that op), but his gear was just wayyyy to low.

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