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    Glyph of the Arakkoa

    Saw this idea in the general forums, so credit to whoever came up with it. Since we're going to be dealing with Arakkoa, how about a minor glyph for druids where your Moonkin form takes on the appearance of an Arakkoa.

    I already have the Skettis Arakkoa trinket which I love, but once again as druids we get screwed out of any costumes when we shapeshift. I would play Moonkin in a heartbeat on my 2nd druid if we could have this.

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    Would love to see this.

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    This would be awesome

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    so what you are saying is that you really want me to play as a durid
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    Make this happen!

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    Yes. Do want.

    I've gotten so sick of the derpchicken form I'm using the glyph to not see it, but arakkoa form would be much win .

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    I couldn't even play Moonkin until Glyph of Stars was introduced. This would be a sweet addition given the involvement of Arakkoa in WoD. I believe this isn't much of a stretch to put in. Since we can transform into a random Skettis Arakkoa via the trinket, we already have the casting animations. All they'd need to do is update the models, which they will be for WoD.

    Would love for someone to post this in US/EU General/Druid forums since I haven't resubbed in months.

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    Anything that lets me play as an Arakkoa.

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    I think that's a great idea!

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    Good idea. Especially because it's going be a bit weird going from a higher poly model to a moonkin.

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    They did say, however, at Blizzcon that the Arakkoa of THIS era isn't the hunched over humanoid bird people but more avian, grander creatures that fly around.

    However, I have no idea if that would conflict with a potential Arakkoa moonkin model. I think it sounds really cool, personally.
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    Someone with twitter please reach out to Blizzard, see if we get a response. If they idea is planted they might look at it.

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    That's an incredible idea.

    In fact, it's probably too good of an idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gestapo View Post
    Someone with twitter please reach out to Blizzard, see if we get a response. If they idea is planted they might look at it.
    Yeah, it's not like it'd be hard to code what the player looked like if they just made it a default Arrakkoa model + gear.

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    Yes, please. Give us Arrakkoa model.

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    This needs to happen. I can't see a downside. Minor Glyph. Someone please tweet this

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    Great idea and wont take them long to actually do it.

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    ALways said to my friends this would make an awesome form for druids

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    There is an item that let's anyone do that though.
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