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    it was. onyxia attunement is a shining example of what should be considered a "quest" compared to what questing is now. it was actual content that took actual time and dedication to complete. i've only seen videos as i didn't raid vanilla but in EQ I did the VP key, ST key, and Epic 1.0, which are comparable (and even more difficult). i truly wish MMOs had badass, epic questlines like that.
    It wasn't as "badass" as you think it was. In fact half of the problem was trying to figure out where Rexxar was in Desolace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShimmerSwirl View Post
    I think this is some kind of attempt to piece together a scenario from old WoW, not based on your own experience but based on what you have read about old WoW from other posters. Summoning stones.
    Clearly, you're the one not having a clue. Because if you did, you would know that the Meeting Stone (not Summoning Stone) is placed on the mainland, not near the instance entrance. So take your utterly failed attempt at being a smartass, and go somewhere else.

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    It's two sided mostly.

    1. They want you to spend more time in the game, longer sub etc.

    2. Limits time so you don't burnout or gearcap really quickly.
    Stay salty my friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarohk View Post
    To the people complaining about the effort and time that you have to invest for gear:

    If you want don't want gear on a "CD" and wish a less gated and more time investing, then by all means go and try out all the korean mmorpgs. Like Aion, you can go grind AP and coins for days to get a piece of gear
    exactly if people want cooldowns on things removed, to balance it out everything would be a grindfest.

    553 items would take like 500 bolts of cloth, or 200 magnificent hides or 150 living steel etc.
    celestials would have like 50 billion hp and take like 10 hours to kill and you would be required to deal say 100 million damage to be eligible for loot.
    lets not forget leveling, insta 90 would be like 500$ because 1-90 would take like 200 hours.
    arena would be like 1 point per win, 5 conquest points
    PvE bosses back to vanilla, 2 pieces of loot per boss, bosses now take on average 30-60 minutes each to kill, maximum 40 man no lockouts, repair prices 10 times higher.

    basically no cooldown leaves the game to simply be grinded and there's very grinding due to the limitations put in place so the game would have to be changed to be pure grinding which would kill the playerbase dead from the casual point of view.

    personally i'm happy with clearing 14/14 hc once a week i don't want to feel like i have to clear it 50 times on patch release to maximise my gear and stay competitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcaneshot View Post
    It wasn't as "badass" as you think it was. In fact half of the problem was trying to figure out where Rexxar was in Desolace.
    like i said, ony attunement is a page right out of the everquest book. wandering around in descolace for half an hour is nothing compared to the epic weapon questlines in that game. and i miss real quests. they were a challenge to complete. yes, also a timesink, but heres a clue - timesinks foster community. keys and attunements could take weeks, sometimes months for the more casual, to complete. rep grinds, rare spawns, group content, solo content, traveling and exploring, and raid content were all part of these huge quest arcs. they were badass
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    Yeah some bit of this is true

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    some of the earlier stuff was to stop people from gearing and finishing the game in 1 day

    heroic lockouts, not bad imo i never raged cause i couldnt spend 12 hours doing the same thing over and over
    Content drought is a combination of catchup mechanics and no new content.

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    Wow is a virtual lobby browser that allows you grind a certain amount of instances every week. Accept what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saberstrike View Post
    Speaking from the perspective of mostly a solo player / PvPer.

    Am I the only one bothered by the amount of waiting and gating the game seems to be growing to use more and more of with each expansion? First there were daily heroic lockouts in TBC, then there were gated daily-based reputation grinds; Then it became better with tabards in wotlk and worse again when dungeon finder was introduced and 5-mans were boiled down to 'sit in queue' -- just like BGs.

    Skipping to today, many professions have an annoying daily cooldown that you have to manage to make something cool -- as opposed to going out into the world and finding all the mats you need. Anything below proper raids is based on sitting and waiting in queues. The best non-RNG progression is gated behind weekly valor / conquest caps. Dailies are gone (and thank fucking god, good riddance), alongside to an extend 5-man lockouts -- admittedly, LFR took the place of 5-man heroics and that only has a tiny chance to give you upgrades once every bloody week.

    So, to end my rant - am I the only one annoyed at the amount of waiting and gating there is between players and progression? In all fairness it just feels like lazy design, and right now at the end of an expansion is when it's at it's worst. Some could argue that it was always there for non-raiders, but here's the thing - presence of LFR kills any and all incentive for 99% of people to get better at the game and start proper raiding, which in the long run doesn't mean anything good for the game.

    When you click a pandaren they sometimes say 'Patience, patience' -- and that seems to be a great summary of this expansion. It's just a whole lot of waiting for a mostly disappointing payoff.

    What do you lot think?
    Are we talking about the game or when you masturbate?

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    Once upon a time they gate the number of dailies one can do per day too!! 25 dailies! Look what happened when they removed it.

    "OMG SO MUCH DAILIES", "World of Dailycraft", yada yada yada.

    Unfortunately, if there's no gating or lockouts, the number of retard players who can't control themselves and kept grinding 24/7 will skyrocket. They will finish stuff in 1 week and whined "OMG no content, lazy blizzard, more content plz!!111". Not to mention those "players" who claim they beat the game when the top guild (whom they are not a member of) cleared heroic....

    Unless of course you guys want arbitrary timesinks like GRIND mats for Nature resist set for example, LOL we know how that turn out.

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    First i thought this was gonna be a rage thread, turns out op is totally right. Wow is a game of waiting and gating just to extend its lifetime and cover up the fact wod is taking to long, thanks for letting me realise

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