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    Boss resets 101

    Bosses and mob disappearing in thin air, encounters just stopping mid-way, all this talk about resetting and I stand there bewildered and understand not a whole lot about what's going on.

    Anyone care to give me a boss reset 101 crash course or point me to somewhere this is explained?

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    When a boss can't attack something most times he resets. A great example is Siegecrafter in SoO, where if you know that you are gonna wipe and everyone go on the belt the boss will reset since he can't hit anything. Hunters, mages, rogues and a few other classes can reset the boss if they're the last ones alive using abilities that make them untargetable by the boss.

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    Seen it happen when DS Oozes get stuck

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    If a player is locked out of the room, and is by the door, it will reset. As well if the person running in is a significant distance from the raid.

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    Dark Shamans reset quite often because of retarded landscape and oozes getting stuck. Galakras adds sometimes fall under the textures, but it doesn't happen that often.

    Other than that, never seen any other SoO bosses reset unexpectedly.

    P.S. We once had Malkorok (H) reset for us for some strange reason. Absolutely no idea what happened there.
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    P.S. We once had Malkorok (H) reset for us for some strange reason. Absolutely no idea what happened there.
    Sometimes the adds path through the floor and it resets.

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    also paragons could reset, no clue why though.

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    If none of the targets in combat are in the battlefield the boss will despawn or walk back to his normal spot, depending on the boss. very few bosses WALK back. Either way, it ends combat, and unless you ressed on a boss that doesn't despawn, you're then safe to ress and get away.

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