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    On the bright side, if it goes on too long you can buy 522 rings. Well, kind of a bright side. Sort of.

    Hell, PVP gear (which is equivalent to PVE gear for the most part since 5.0.4) is down to 522 for honor and you can just run dungeons, convert in Stormwind (the room with the heirlooms) and buy two 522 rings within a day without too much effort.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracodraco View Post
    Eh, our 10 man alt raid basicly has everyone in full heroic, lacking maybe 1 piece of gear each on average atm. It's not so bad (we didn't start heroics untill mid january). Just make sure you've got a proper setup to share tokens and armor classes etc .
    We have a rogue which pretty much has all heroic slots so all agility gear is pretty much forked over to me xD

    >Well that's implying agility gear actually drops in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianCC100 View Post
    I do LFR and Flex for the past 5 weeks in an attempt to replace my 495 rings. (Can't do normal yet because I can't find a guild willing to take me in normals at 534 item level) I either get gold or items I already have or don't need. I've used 15 bonus loot rolls from the coins and 90% of the time I roll gold. I feel like I'm never going to replace these 496 rings. =(
    5 weeks and u didnt farm dungeons for jp->hp conversion and and buying 522 pvp gear that is just ..... wow -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcindauh View Post

    10 man loot is shit.
    considering how i got to 578 itlv from farming 10 HC bosses on 10 man how about no it isnt its pure rng (granted im the only agility leather user in my team but still god im lucky this tier )
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    Go farm heroic dungeons and convert the JP to honor and buy that 522 gear. PvP gear no longer takes up itemization points so its near equal to other gear. (Outside of gem bonuses being all + pvp power, but that's better than no gems).

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    That's a pretty small sample of loot chances to call your luck the worst... This is one of the problems with the game atm, people think they're supposed to get handed gear after a few kills. It doesn't work that way, it's all based on RNG. In personal loot situations that means you have a 15% chance of a piece of loot dropping(before loot tokens). That means a 15% chance to see ONE of the items the boss can drop for you. It took me months to get a ring out of SoO, when I finally did it was from a bonus roll in heroics. Never even saw one in flex or normal.

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    you got nothing on me, i ran molten core for over a year aquired the right bindings and was designated as the first thunderfury-guy. i walso saw the right bindings drop 2 more times after that... and then on one faithful day i couldnt attempt the mc-raid because of family matters, and guess what? yes, the left bindings dropped and the guy after me got thunderfury handed to him... i even had to sell him all my arcanite for cheap so that he could make it immediately to ease the aggroproblems for our tank...

    and heres the punchline! 2 months after that tank got thunderfury, he took some of his friends and changed servers to create a new guild!
    and yes, i was many more times to mc after that and i often times solo it even nowadays and i STILL dont have it!

    now tell me one more time how unlucky you are -.-

    oh and just recently this year i found the right bindings AGAIN! just as a sidenote :P

    i want my gear handed to me? no! but i want that theres some hidden increased chance for that item to drop, every time you dont get it!
    i want to feel like im getting closer to it, every time i kill that damn boss! but no, even if you killed that guy 100 times, the dropchance will still be those few percents like on the first day.
    there should be a maximum threshold of cleared raids, to aquire an item. no item is worth running raids for years, and having luck determine if your character is going to rock or suck is just plain depressing and demotivating.
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