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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewhan View Post
    Seriously... if WOD wasnt BC 2.0 already this new tier set looks very similar to T4.
    I'l cry inside seeing my memories get butchered with new updated versions. I'm not saying they won't look good, but if I have to base the rest of the classes to this...I'm in for a bad time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staal View Post
    Thats TBC first set lookalike. they gotta stop reusing content. Thats just lazy.

    Themes and inspiration is all that's "reused", and upgraded. Rest is new. Think before you post, next time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mall Security View Post
    You don't know that she didn't, and it doesn't matter what she said, her parents are "RESPONSIBLE" for her, and as "RESPONSIBLE" parents they protected their child, fuck the little boy or your feelings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeluron Lightsong View Post
    They're not reusing anything. It's completely different. Sure there's a old theme going on but that's not a shocker for any tier gear.
    Lovers gonna love...

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    So, the shoulder pieces moving down the arms. Is that supposed to look cool? I feel like they wanted the shoulders to do something but couldn't figure out what and just went with that.

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    I like this set. It doesn't look too over the top but it has the usual "Magic, duh" going on.

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    Shadowfiend no longer restores mana.


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    I really like that pally T17 set. :-)

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    Interesting class and proff changes, but that Pally set... I'm very happy I main one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yvaelle View Post
    You can't fight porn on the internet, you may as well declare war on something overwhelming like water on Earth's surface - or something ephemeral like "terror" (lol sorry, had to do it) - or something both overwhelming and ephemeral... like porn on the internet.

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    Is that a penniss??

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    Looks good! One of the better Paladin sets

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    wow, I both love and hate that pally set.

    The theme is great, very evocative of the old TBC set (justicar?), and yet this version looks horrid with the awful helm and comedy shoulders.

    So close and yet do very far from being good.

    also, you'll never need to ask a pally how its its ridiculously obvious.....

    I'll stick with T4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by staal View Post
    Lovers gonna love...
    That is indeed a good phrase.

    I'll chime in on squish.. WOD is fast shaping up to be Wow 2. An long shall she live.


    Blizz, the sky? Looks terrible


    are we getting nights back?

    Wont bother otherwise.

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    That set looks incredible! I already know that I shall collect and keep the set with purple gems for transmog in the future.

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    that pally T17 set is amazing, really well done

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    Anyone else notice there were only 2 color variations of the tier set? Could that mean lfr WON'T be dropping tier? I would not be against that idea.

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    They're REMOVING REFORGING!!! Good thing I didn't pre-order warlords of Draenor. One of the things i love is customising my character now i have to wear their ugly ass max level armor... i think ill pass!

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    Justicar set on steroids FTW.

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    yeah wtf, clearly phallic swinging going on here. shit looks weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shokzman View Post
    They're REMOVING REFORGING!!! Good thing I didn't pre-order warlords of Draenor. One of the things i love is customising my character now i have to wear their ugly ass max level armor... i think ill pass!
    Xmog isn't being removed.
    Xmogging favorites in order from left to right.

    Paladin > Demon Hunter > Monk > Death Knight > Warlock > Druid > Hunter

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    The tier 17 paladin set is looking good but damn blizz the heavy influence of the tier 4 set is like waving bacon under a dogs nose when it comes to cries of reused content.

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