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    Still don't know why EQ is in the game.

    They said they wanted to prune abilities.

    But they kept freaking Earthquake?


    typical blizz
    they buffed it. first directly for about 36% and you can get up to 100% increased damage on top when you use cl before. so they bring it back into aoe and I'm sure it is now worth to cast. the spell itself is ok. I still think the movement slow should be baked in and should not require a glyph that never is used by anyone.
    There were a lot of people claiming cl spam is boring bla bla and now they bring back a stronger earthquake and again people are claiming^^

    I'm not sure what to think about the EoE change. It is a big nerf when you first look at it.
    The spells that proc it are just 3. For example CL won't benefit from it anymore. So it will be weaker as currently. Compensation could be EQ. However that also means in pure cleave where we only use cl we deal less damage.
    However EoE proc on EQ could be usefull. If the damage buff is not consumed when casting EQ you can cast a second EQ before he first rans out.
    If FrS is meant to be used while moving and that is why it is on EoE they have to separate the cd for ele again or we won't use it. This will also affects our "you will have enough to cast while moving" problem.
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    It was in some earlier patch notes that Frost Shock no longer shares a cooldown with Flame/Earth Shock. But then they halved its damage. Yikes.

    It makes the talent simpler I suppose, now that it no longer affects our shock rotation. Get an additional Earthquake for AoE situations, Frost Shock for on-the-move situations, and Lava Burst for standing still situations. I imagine (preliminary estimate of course) that it'll be better to sit on Frost Shock until Lava Burst comes off cooldown in order to get a free one of those. So the ones who whined about it won in the end - yay! I was happy with it how it was but this is just a bonus to me

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