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    I need some help with pet battle trainers.

    Untill now I have been leveling my pets by grinding mobs and capturing them to move on to the next bracket. Now I've heard of the quests where you fight the trainers I kinda want to do them. Is there any way I can start battling the trainers that are around level 18 without doing all the previous trainers? Thank you in advance.

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    You need to do all of the trainers for the continent to unlock the daily battles for the trainers.
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    WacraftPets has a great guide. Lots of useful information on there actually. If you haven't been there before I suggest checking it out. Wowhead also has a pretty extensive guide for the trainers.

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    Get ready for them to start getting cheesy as all hell around Northrend though. Especially that bastard orc with the undead dragons.

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    The undead dragons aren't easy, but Major Payne is the real killer there in my book.
    Gosh I hate that grizzly. I think I did beat it in the end with a Feral Vermling, since it's faster and it stuns his heal.

    First reply in this thread is the answer to your question i guess OP. To get the dailies you need to do all the ones in the "normal quest chain". The old world continents all have 1 daily pet trainer, MoP has one in each zone, and some bonus ones.

    Eastern Kingdoms: Just east of Karazhan in Deadwind Pass
    Kalimdor: South along the road from Everlook in Winterspring
    Outland: East of Legion Hold, south of a small lake in Shadowmoon Valley
    Northrend: Just Northeast of Argent Tournament in Icecrown

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    IIRC you can do the trainers at any time, you don't need to do the lower level ones (however the trainers give very good XP so I recommend doing them with pets you're planning to level anyway) - you only need to do the whole continent if you want to unlock the grand masters. I think.

    IMO just pick out like 10 pets you want to eventually level and run all the trainers on various combinations of pets to maximise XP return and complete them all once. Two birds with one stone.

    Because trust me, you're going to need a big stable of max level pets when you start doing the hard grand masters, the beasts of fable and the celestial tournament (which are all fun as fuck... but they are cheesy pricks!).

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    The undead dragons aren't easy, but Major Payne is the real killer there in my book.
    Yeah he's true to his name lol.
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