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    Quote Originally Posted by Zka View Post
    You can already preorder WoD for much less than $60.

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    All this because they removed a few abilities to avoid needing 3 hands to play the game? Overreact much?
    Hardly been wanting to make a clean break for a while now and WoD is just the catalyst. Tho if you read my full post you would see that class changes are just one part of my reasoning.

    sometimes you just have to make a choice and follow through.

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    Seriously I dont know, im playing D3, I want to try Elder Scroll Online too....

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    I am gonna check WoD for sure, was planning to start actively raiding again after ~3 years but i might not be able to after all ;p

    At least a couple of months for sure, then another 2 months at the first raid patch, and another 2 months at the other raid patch..You get the point.

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    It really depends on how many of my friends comes back for wod.

    Up until about a month ago i was super excited about wod, but recently while not being subbed i've started playing different games like DayZ, which i'm having way more fun playing than wow. So i'm not really sure anymore. I'll definitely subscribe again if shadow priests are able to perform well in raids this time. mop bummed me out on that one quite a lot. we'll see! until then, DayZ all the way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuthe View Post
    Probably, but only when the 50% off sale of the expansion is up.
    How long after an expansion's released does that happen?

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    I just bought a 6-month subscription last week and upgraded my account for WoD. I gave the free boost to my 75 Belf Pally, which was the first Horde char I ever leveled past 40.

    As alot of folks have said already, I'll try out WoD and see how it goes. I got the 6-month sub so play through the summer, which is when I use the Midsummer EXP Boost to level my alts faster. I have heirlooms too but every little bit helps XD

    Honestly, I've grown weary of the MMORPG genre.

    Depending on how I like WoD this might be the first time I don't level cap a character in a new expansion. I skipped most of MoP due to real life obligations and a rapidly shrinking player base server side. I play GW2 as well and I can tell you the feeling's more of the same with folks I've been talking to there. A big difference is A-Net rolls out new content at just the right pace to keep most folks interested. I also played SW:TOR when the free version was decient and have logged a few weeks total in Second Life, RuneScape and Everquest I and II.

    I think the thing more and more MMO Vets have come to accept in recent years especially is they've grown up. No longer do they have the time to commit to MMORPGs they once did and that's ok. Life goes on. Luckily for everyone, the MMO Industry planned for this inevitable and will keep your chars forever in case you decide to come back down the road.

    I won't say I'm done with WoW since I've said that twice in as many years and have come back a third time now. I don't think I'll be playing WoW by this time next year due to burnout but once I've decided for sure I won't make a "retirement" thread or blog post. My time in WoW will have ended the same way it began: Uneventful with no one there. That's how it should be XD
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    After 8 years of playing and becoming severely disinterested/bored with the game during MoP (and the quality of design going downhill), I don't know if I want to bother getting sucked in again. I finally escaped it

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    Quote Originally Posted by pandaxpress1 View Post
    After 8 years of playing and becoming severely disinterested/bored with the game during MoP (and the quality of design going downhill), I don't know if I want to bother getting sucked in again. I finally escaped it
    I am kind of in the same boat, as far as, "why go to the trouble of 'getting sucked in again'", but why do you think MoP was bad? I had fun in all the raids (SoO the least, but I like to think that's because as an Orc, murderous rampages through Orgrimmar were trying). I found the continent and its lore engaging, had a great deal of completely unexpected fun with pet battling, and wish I had done even more with Challenge Modes after earning full golds with a guild group.

    The legendary questline running though the whole expansion I thought was well handled. Letting everyone who wanted to put in the time earn something orange may be less epic than being the guy sporting warglaves, or being one of the first with Dragonwrath, but it was fair, and powerful enough to be a big deal when you got it.

    Throne of Thunder stands among my favorite raids of the game. I spent more time researching, planning, and talking strategy with my guild for heroic ToT than any previous raid. LFR Durumu doesn't detract from that. It had its problems, the difficulty curve didn't make a lot of sense, the easy Ra-Den strat made that fight a weak finish, but all in all, WoW raiding is still pretty cool.

    I wasn't a big fan of the implementation of World PvP on Timeless Isle, but it was memorable. Some people liked it. The island itself was cool, even if I would have enjoyed it more without my own faction trying to hunt me down, just because they could.

    I suppose I'm just saying I don't get the Blizzard hate. The game's getting old, subscriber loss isn't surprising, but Blizzard works hard to keep it fun. I have no doubt that if I come back for WoD, there will be fun to be had.

    p.s. Anyone have an answer to when expansions go on sale?

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    For a while at least, maybe this time i wont get so bored

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    My subscription expires on Saturday, and I don't know how long I'll stay away. Not because I like the game that much, but because it's comfortable, and familiar, and I have a lot of time invested in it. And $15/month isn't really that much, for me.

    So far, WoD doesn't have my interest. Garrisons look cool, system updates seem positive, but the whole no-fly nonsense makes me think the game is becoming something I won't like as much. Raiding is okay, but gets tedious on the 3rd or 4th alt. I don't have much interest in big challenges in a video game (I have enough challenges in RL, thank you very much), so the sweet spot of an expansion for me starts after the x.1 patch. If they allow flying then, I might consider WoD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbr View Post

    I quit halfway in Cataclysm.
    I skipped pandaria.
    I'll skip whatever they are adding in WoD.

    The old guild and most people i know transferred to another server.
    I don't feel like starting from scratch.
    I don't have the time needed for raiding.
    I can't be arsed to jump into the casual antisocial lhungry social raid bunch.
    And I most certainly can't be arsed to pay a monthly subscription for something I barely spend any time on.

    They should add a pay-per hour, or simply add a F2P model to WoW and I'll consider it.
    But as it is now,. I calculated how much money I've spent on WoW so far, and in hindsight that's over 1000$ that I'd rather have spent differently.
    Subscription model games are not for me anymore.
    Weird - this echos pretty much everyone I used to know in my guild. Most stopped subbing just a few months after Cataclysm, however.

    I am probably going to try it out if I get a 7 day pass, however.
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    I'll probably come back to see how it is. However I'm not going to either buy the xpac and sub straight after it launches. Most likely 2-3 weeks afterwards. Why?
    Coz I'm tired of constant MMR bugs with the start of each season, and all other 'unexplainable' OPness of various classes, comps, spells, in first week of any major patch... Or Xpac.

    If it happens to be yet again another bug spree, I'm out.
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    No, I see no reason why
    -Garrisons look lame to me. You guys might enjoy a minigame in WoW if I was interested in them I would just go play another game.
    -Character models look a little better I won't notice when playing
    -number crunch doesn't change the game at all
    -stats crunch nothing lost kinda possible cool stuff gained I mean to be honest the added effects are the only cool thing I see coming from WoD.
    -new areas that kinda expected
    -new raid see above
    I mean what about this stuff excites you people? This is like the first expansion I have had zero interest in.

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    Maybe. I have highly been thinking about cancelling my pre-order. I only see myself getting loremaster and leaving till the next expansion. Is that worth 80 bucks? Probably not.
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    Currently unsubscribed, coming back for WoD.

    And not that I hated MoP, I love the Asian theme, the Pandaren story and Pandaria, and of course the new monk class.
    I just didn't find the endgame that appealing. My realm is dead and I dread LFR groups.
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    I'm comming back for niieew expansion. Haven't played since september last year. Love the niieew models, can't wait for BE female and NE female <3

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    Maybe. I find the idea of going to the original Draenor interesting, but I'm not sure if it would be worth the expansion price plus subscription costs. I came back for the MoP launch, hit 90, and promptly quit, only to resubscribe to try SoO. I unsubscribed shortly after since I just wasn't having fun playing the game. While I'm hopeful for WoD, I'm not sure if the cost is worth risking going through the same cycle again as I did with MoP.

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    I will personally keep coming back to check out what blizzard is offering. I am from all the way back and i must say i loved it up to wotlk, when cata came my love for the game just completely died out. They are going the wrong way. They should make the game exciting to be in, not just a story. Stories gets old after one go through.
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    I'm not sure. I just let my sub lapse last week for the first time in years. WoD looks really interesting, but it will come down to having people to play with. MMOs like WoW are starting to bore me a bit and time constraint is getting a bit hard between work, wife and new baby. Been playing The runescape old school servers and having more fun in this last week than I did in all of MoP doing Arenas and RBGS. Plus it is easier for me to play a bit and just put it down if my wife needs me or baby needs me. Unlike wow if its an RBG or arena or raid. I then have other people depending on me.

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    No interest in paying to play WoW at all (mutilple accounts and more 90s than you can count). Enjoy your 10 year old game.

    Also golden opportunity missed: they should've put the updated models in the cash shop. SWTOR would be like wtf why didn't we think of that? Charging for engine updates lol.

    And MORE orcs... fuck yeah orcs...

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