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    Added new account to my battle.net but can't use raid/pve obtained titles

    I added a new account to my battle.net account today, i am able to use 100% of the mounts i obtained on my main, i have all achievement mounts, i have SOME titles, mainly non PvE titles, like Ambassador, associate professor, the hallowed, the wakener
    But no pve titles like firelord, dragonslayer savior of azeroth and such.. I tried to use a /settitle macro but it says i dont own that title even though it shows in the achievement page.. I had a thought that maybe as i unlock those raid tiers (gain levels) the titles will be available, but i think this is a very weak case

    Anyone got any idea?

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    You can't use PvE/raid-based titles until your character has reached the appropriate level (eg Kingslayer/Light of Dawn at level 80).
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    Some are level specific, Firelord for example probably requires the toon to be 85+

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