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    H Malk 2 rdps

    10 man.

    2 tanks, 2 heals, 4 melee, 2 range dps.

    Current strat is to divide the room in 4 and have 1 range or heal responsible for each quarter (2 pie slices each).

    Got him to 30% on pull 20. Have put in another 20 pulls since then without repeating that amount of success.

    Part of the raid feels our strategy is fine and a little more practice / less derpage will get the kill.

    Part of the raid feels our strategy relies too much on favourable pool placement. We could get it next pull if all the pools are placed right. We could go 100 pulls and not get it if the pools don't fall in the right spots. Those in this camp are suggesting dividing the room into 5 or 6 sectors, and assigning our most mobile melee to cover pools in those places.

    Dps isn't an issue. We were on pace to finish it ~ the start of the 2nd blood rage in the 30% wipe.

    Thoughts? Feedback appreciated. We have really limited raid hours, so we'd hate to spend time on a strategy that isn't feasible.

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    Well if you have problems getting pools then having either more ranged or the mobile melees helping out will be better.

    Don't understand why this is a question.
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    4 melee for this is really rough. With the gear that your group should have by the time you get to this encounter, and because you're 2 healing, it might not be a bad idea to have your most mobile melee, maybe a feral or warrior, assigned to a quadrant. The reason for this is the DPS check is nowhere near as difficult as it used to be, so it might be worth it to sacrifice some DPS to make sure you have the pools covered.

    Over 90% of your wipes on this encounter are going to come because a pool didn't get soaked, not because you're failing to meet the DPS requirements.

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    Is one of your melees a warrior by any chance? If yes, tell him to cover for you ranged dps/healers. Also, melees must taunt/grip and kill Living corruptions ASAP. Those little bastards slow down movement, if you not deal with them fast enough, they will cause problems with pool soaking.

    In addition to that, your rogues/dks/paladins and ferals(if you have paladin or priest) must help ranged to clear the problem of grey orbs. Use Cloak, AMS or bubble to prevent taking damage from orb explosion. Your rdps and healers will be pretty much walking over mine field otherwise.

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    In response to the above poster, grabbing the adds is probably a job best left to the off-tank. They're not doing much else when they're not tanking.

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    Apart from making one of your less mobile melee dps to grab the melee pool every time, you should have a back-up (preferably warrior as they can pop defensives and leap (which if its in the path of an orb will still break your shield, but they have defensives) who can help out the ranged.

    We had to do it for one kill a long time ago and it took a bit, but for a first kill everyone is going to have to be on point.

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    Get more ranged, plain and simple.

    I was in a guild that wasted week after week working on this boss and 80+ attempts later we still couldn't get it. We also ran with 4 melee at that point.

    You might be able to sneak a kill with a melee heavy group, but repeatedly killing it quickly is going to cause you more problems than not after awhile.

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    What advice is there to give except stick at it with a shit comp for this fight or change your comp?

    We did it with 3 melee, yeah its harder. 4 just magnifies the difficulty.

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    If you can't get more ranged in you are just going to have to sacrifice DPS. The pools don't come out at random times, melee can be on the boss and then scoot out to their sector a couple of seconds before the pools come up. End result is that you have just as many people out there as you would if they were ranged but just less DPS.

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    almost every fight from malkorok to paragons is significantly harder with more than 2 melee, so it will make it not only make it harder, but also near impossible to have on consistent 1-shot farm for most guilds as well

    it's at least still do-able with 3 and 4, but it'll just suck

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    If you're not in a position to get more ranged (you kinda want at least 4, so you'll have 6 people out incl. healers), you'll need your melee to actively soak pools as well. If DPS isn't an issue anyway, they can move out and help soaking.

    This boss is all about staying alive while pulling the requires numbers. If you can do that while melee runs off occasionally, have them do that.
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    If you list the classes you have available perhaps we can point out which would be best helping ranged? Can one of the tanks or melee swapped to a ranged or heal spec?

    Other than that we've done it many times with 5 ranged, but I'd really hate to do it w/ 4 :-/.

    It may also help to have an emergency plan if a pool is going to be missed -- a raid cd to mitigate the damage or a throughput cd to heal back up quickly afterwards. A missed pool in and of itself isn't usually a wipe in the first P1, although it's a bit hairier in the second P1 w/o a cd.
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    You very clearly have to cover Imploding Energies with reaction and skill, not luck. That should have been obvious by this time. Yes, you should divide the responsibility by area. Sorry if I sound mean, lol.

    I don't see anything wrong with 2 ranged damage dealers. Your melee just have to learn how to play their classes. If you list the classes your raid has, we could provide more help such as who could clear orbs during Blood Rage, or who could fill in if an area gets overloaded before Blood Rage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinsoul View Post
    Dps isn't an issue. We were on pace to finish it ~ the start of the 2nd blood rage in the 30% wipe.
    Melee aren't immobile, have them soak ranged pools when necessary.

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    Thanks for the feedback all.

    I didn't list classes b/c I didn't think it was necessary. Other parts of the encounter (adds, orbs) are under control. If we do add another couple of sections to the pool coverage, we have some clear candidates from the melee for the assignment(s).

    We tried the melee "help" and it didn't work well. The help was either slow, or the melee suicided through the orbs. Our thinking with an actual section assignment is that they would always be there on time, and that their section should have a fairly small amount of orbs. Sounds like this is the way to go.

    In general, 4 melee 2 range hasn't been too bad so far. Our 2 range do have to work a little harder than typical on some encounters.

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    There are 6 smash locations. Assign your ranged to 4 of them and mobile melee to 2. Don't have the ranged stand in the melee smash spots. If the ranged don't stand there, there won't be any orbs. Use bigwigs for a countdown to spawning the pools and have your two melee soakers move there 3s before they spawn. Make sure the melee (cloak, AMS, bubble, w/e) help clear all the orbs from the caster zones during Phase 2, or maybe earlier.

    As several others have said, you will have issues with this fight and Thok-Garrosh with 4 melee. I would suggest getting one more rdps, if that's an option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinsoul View Post
    Dps isn't an issue. We were on pace to finish it ~ the start of the 2nd blood rage in the 30% wipe.

    Correct me if I'm wrong... but if the boss was at 30% at the start of the 2nd blood rage, you were not on pace to finish it. You have the blood rage and maybe 20-30 seconds after the bloodrage before berserk hits, definitely under a minute. I don't think you can do 30% of his health in under a minute.

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    If you want a long term solution to improve your raid you have to fix the core issue which is having too many melee
    Reroll so you have a decent raid comp.
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    I don't see an issue with having 4 ranged, each range/healer takes a quarter of a room and really has to soak and not slack. 4 Ranged is the least you can take, 3 is just suicide imo.

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    It really sucks, but yeah. Despite the pretentious lies to the contrary from the Devs, Siege is very melee-unfriendly (especially for 10m) and even going back and farming bosses you've beaten with similarly gearing melee leaving you with less ranged is risking restarting your progression.

    You may just have to suck it up and have one of them switch or be a dedicated "pool grabber." If, by some strange mistake, you brought a Windwalker they have the ability Flying Serpent Kick directly to the farther pools fairly quickly if that's their most important job above and beyond DPS. Warriors can also leap to make up the slack.
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